attraction of girls

There is a wrong concept of mesmerism in the mind of all sadhak (seeker)  friends, someone thinks that attraction of girls is done in just 1 hour or a few seconds, but there is nothing like that, just some tantriks (astrologer) and astrologers make big posters by writing their names and inside They write whatever comes to their mind, someone says that they will attraction of girls in 3 hours, then someone says that they will subjugate in just 20 seconds, then all of them are liars and only do the work of cheating  people and those who are cheated. Tantra (tantra means cracy black magic) is called a liar, but it is not the fault of the people;

I have brought attraction of girls meditation mantra, with the help of which you will be able to learn mesmerism yourself and will be able to do 100% work,

You will find lakhs of attraction of girls mantras in books and on the internet, those mantras are also correct, but due to lack of complete rules and regulations, you do not get success in your work, if you want to do any tantra (black magic) action, then you have to follow the rules and regulations. You have to follow it, it takes some time and it takes time to get success, but your work will definitely be completed.

The attraction of girls meditation mantra that I am giving you here is Shabar Mantra (shabar mantra is simple and powerful mantra)  and it is an ancient mantra, if you do this mantra with the right method, then you will be able to achieve success in this mantra, if you want to do any mantra, then first you have to follow that mantra and method. You have to understand that mantra well, then you will need to meditate well, because you are new to tantra and you do not know how to do meditation, if you sit in meditation without meditating, then you will chant the mantra. You will not get success in meditation because of lack of concentration of mind, so first you learn to control your mind, the more you do meditation with concentrated  mind, the sooner you will get success.

In this post, I will tell every single thing which is very important, because even a small mistake can cause failure, so when you start attraction of girls meditation, before 7 days, meditate daily for 1 hour, your concentration power will increase and You will be able to control the mind, then you will be able to prove mesmerism meditation mantra completely,

The attraction of girls meditation mantra that I have put here is Shabar Mantra, its composition will seem a bit unique and strange to you, but you do not have to make any changes in it, if you want to chant the mantra as it is, then let us know in detail about its accomplishment and meditation,

attraction of girls


om shree seer sindur kanya kunvaaree man piyaaree, chaunsath joginee mode agaas astree pury milae sanga. kaalo ganga se to paat chhodi de. goree maiti sauraasee vaat chalee aa goree. hamaaree vaat teehi jan laago. dosaree jaga kee maaya au chaat chalaee amuk bolaee aankudee. jaisee reedati aakool jaisee dhalakantih svaay. jaise balakati aa, paun jaisee sarakanti aa.johi mohi mera pind paitala bhaya sara. nakarin aave to hanumanta veer teree aan pade. jaise kaam tveele raamachandr ko sudaaro, taisho kaam mera ni sudaro, to maata anjanee chalee haat laavai. sava ser ka rota na paavai. raaja raamachandr ko aarunan ni paavai. phuro mantr eeshvaro vaacha.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove attraction of girls meditation mantra, meditation will have to be done for 21 days, before meditation, you must use meditation for 7 days or you can also do tratak prayog (it is meditation for concentration) for 7 days, which will increase your concentration power and the more concentration power increases, the sooner you will be able to do meditation. you will succeed,

The method and method that I tell here is only for one month, you will know yourself within a month that how does mesmerism work? Just give one month in this meditation and see for yourself how much power is there in this meditation.

You have to start meditation from Tuesday after being clean and having bath you will have to do 3 rounds of the above mentioned mantra in the morning and 3 rounds after 11 o’clock in the night, during the meditation light a lamp of jasmine oil, sprinkle Google and sprinkle fragrant perfume. During meditation period you must observe celibacy and do not cut your hair and nails, sleep on the ground during meditation and chant mantras with black or rudraksh rosary.

For 21 days you have to do meditation with full faith and faith, during meditation you will hear many voices or even see strange faces, but you should not break the meditation and keep in mind only in chanting mantras in your meditation. The more you do meditation with concentration, the more powerful your meditation will become.

Before  attraction of girls meditation, you can do brief Ganesha worship and family diety worship also, then you start meditation, on the first day of meditation you offer sweets as bhog (offering god or food)  and the bhog that you have offered on the first day, you have to offer it on the last day of meditation. Perform Havan (offering god front of fire) on the last day and offer frankincense to Google,(google is Indian special incense)

You have to do mesmerism meditation mantra for 21 days with full devotion. If you are doing meditation for the first time, then you should make a security cordon so that the external power i.e. the negative power does not surprise you. If you do spiritual meditation, you will get success without a godfather, if you want to make a godfather , then make your parents, there is no bigger godfather than him in this world, because once you get his blessings, you will get success in every discipline whether Tantra (cracy or black magic) So, I have told you the method and method of how to do meditation, now I will tell you about how to use this meditation.

Method of Use

Spread a black cloth on a floor on Sunday night and keep a burning lamp on it. Light incense-incense sticks as well and incense of frankincense. Then chant the above mantra 161 times with a rosary of  Rudraksh or black while sitting on a north-facing seat. Speak the name of the desired person in place of Amuk. With this experiment, the desired person becomes subjugated in your love within just 11 days, where a certain word appears in the mantra, he should say the full name of the desired person and while chanting the mantra, remember that person in the mind.

This experiment will work when that person lives around your house or is close to you, that is, that person knows you, you meet each other 2-3 times a day, even on the way, even if you do not speak. It is necessary to make eye contact with each other, as soon as you do this experiment, you must make eye contact with him within 24 hours under any pretext, then that person can fall in love with you within 11 days.

You can use this for a girl, a boy, a boy for a girl, a wife for a husband, a husband for a wife, that is, you can use it to subdue everyone, but keep in mind that this meditation  should not be used in a wrong way, if your Love is justified and you love someone very much and that boy or girl does not love you, then in such a situation you can use it and when your work is successful then feed some poor child and do some charity according to your ability. Do,

If this meditation becomes successful then you should not talk about this meditation with anyone, keep this meditation secret and use it only 3 times in a year. Whether it is time or an auspicious occasion, chant this attraction of girls mantra 51 times so that this mantra remains awake.

In this way you can accomplish mesmerism work by proving mesmerism meditation mantra and now you must have gone to the society that how Siddhi(proven) is achieved and how mesmerism work? You must have got the answers to all these questions in this post, I just have only one request to you that you do not need to pay money to anyone, if you give money to a hypocrite Baba (astrologer), then your work will not be done and you will be cheated. You will find on this website that you can make your life happy by doing meditation that suits you.

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