You will get a lot of attraction mantras, there are many attraction mantras, but the matter of Kamdev (kamdev is god of attraction) attraction is different, this attraction is so powerful and intense that it arrests the person in front of the seeker’s love, Kamdev’s siren is also powerful, but today I am going to give you the method of attraction,

We have used Kamdev attraction many times and the result is also good, many times we have got better results than we were thinking, mostly Kamdev’s movements are in attraction because he is the deity of  attraction work, so you must have come to know How powerful will this subjugation be, you need patience, faith and meditation to prove subjugation, if you do not do meditation properly then you will not get success, many sadhaks (seekers) do 10 subjugation meditation in a year, 10-15 days meditation Do it, then leave it and do another, by doing this you will never get Siddhi (proven or succsess ), do one attraction meditation until you have any experience, until you don’t get Siddhi(proved), you will definitely get proved of meditation, after getting prove of mantra, you will use it. So 101% subjugation will happen, you will be able to see it yourself.

So let’s know in detail how to do Kamdev attraction Mantra meditation and how to achieve its success, let’s discuss in detail about it,

attraction power


Om namah kamdevay sahkal sahdrush sahmasah

Liye vmhe dhunam janam mam darshanam utkanthit kuru kuru daksh dakshu dhar kusum vanen han han swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Garland of red sandalwood, incense of frankincense, fragrant perfume, 5 roses, photo of the girl, four faced lamp, jasmine oil and fragrant perfume.

How to prove this mantra

This kamdev mantra is very powerful mantra, it increases the attraction power of the seeker, meditation will start from Friday, wear red clothes, sit facing north direction, sprinkle fragrant perfume in the whole room, light a four faced lamp with jasmine oil in the lamp. Use it, burn incense, then place the photo of that girl or boy in front of you, put 5 roses around the photo, then make a security circle, worship Ganesha,(ganesha is Indian god) make a garland of your family deity and get success in meditation like this. Pray

Do 11 rosaries of the above mantra, while chanting the mantra, your attention should be on that photo. This meditation is for 21 days. Every day the method will remain the same. On the last day of the meditation, tell your mind to Cupid, and donate your power to the unmarried girl. As soon as this meditation is completed, within 41 days that boy or girl will fall in love with you.

In this way the seeker can perform attraction by proving Kamdev attraction (when there is an auspicious occasion or on the day of Narak Chaturdashi,(before diwali) do 21 rounds of the above mentioned mantra so that the power of the mantra is awakened)

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