Mata Baglamukhi is enumerated at the eighth position in Das Mahavidha (big genre of india) , Baglamukhi is also called Pitambara, Maa Baglamukhi appeared in the form of Maa Sati (vestal), Maa Baglamukhi with three eyes, her hair is open and her clothes are yellow, by this Baglamukhi mantra (spell) , Sadhak (seeker) Baglamukhi Can prove,

By worshiping Mata Bagalamukhi one gets victory over the enemy, one gets victory in court work, if any enemy disturbs you then Mata Bagalamukhi destroys the enemy,
During the worship of Mata Baglamukhi, the seeker should wear yellow colored clothes, turmeric garland, if he uses the instrument during the worship, then it should also be of yellow color.

Baglamukhi mantra


Om hanim baglamkhi daivye hanim om namah!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

 Method of prove this mantra

The above mentioned  Baglamukhi  mantra (spell) is very powerful and intense mantra of Mata Baglamukhi, to prove this mantra (spell), start meditation from Sunday, chant 7 rounds of rosary Baglamukhi mantra in the morning, do this meditation for 41 days, observe celibacy during meditation, abstain from eating meat and alcohol. Stay away from it, by doing meditation for 41 days, the mantra will be proved, perform Havan (Offering prayers to God in front of fire) on the last day of meditation.

Method of use

This mantra is very powerful mantra, it can do every work, mostly this mantra is used and Mata Baglamukhi is used for enemy destruction and victory in court.

By the way, Mata Bagalamukhi is the goddess of Tantra (cracy or magic), she is capable of doing every work because the inclusion of Mata Bagalamukhi comes in ten Mahavidha (big genre of india) , it is easy for her to perform Shat Karma (every magic work), there are many vindictive mantras of Mata Bagalamukhi, but to prove it is tantric (astrologer) like that. It is not the work of a devotee, her meditation  is done under the supervision of the Guru (god father) and it is the god father who completes the meditation  , because if any mistake remains in the meditation  , on the contrary, only the sadhak (seeker) is harmed.

This Baglamukhi mantra meditation  works very fast, if you do meditation  with method, then during meditation  you can give yellow colored flowers and yellow colored sweets to Mata Baglamukhi.

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