Bagalamukhi (Indian god) is mostly used to kill the enemy, if any enemy bothers you, then you can use the mantra of Bagalamukhi, today I have brought Baglamukhi mesmerism in front of you, which can control the person in front, By using this mesmerism  mantra, you can control even the harshest person.

So let’s know in detail about Baglamukhi mesmerism , how it is accomplished and how it is used, let’s discuss in detail about it,

Bagalamukhi mesmerism


om sau sau suta samundar taapoo , taapoo mein thaapa, sinhaasan peela, sinhaasan peele oopar kaun baise? sinhaasan peela oopar bagalaamukhee baise. bagalaamukhee ke kaun sangee , kaun saathee? kachchee bachchee kaak kutia svaan chidiya. om bagala baala haath mudagar maar, shatru-hrday par svaar, tisakee jihna khichchai. bagalaamukhee maranee- karanee, vasheekaran karanee, anant koti siddhon ne maanee. om bagalaamukhee rame brahmaanee bhande, chandrasoor phire khande-khande, baala bagalaamukhee namo namaskaar..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


One wooden board , one meter yellow cloth, garland of turmeric, picture of Mother Baglamukhi, Google frankincense incense, fragrant incense sticks, one coconut, earthen lamp, fragrant perfume and photo of boy or girl.

How to prove this mantra

meditation  will start from Friday, before meditation  clean the meditation room properly, if possible sprinkle Gangas(ganga is holy river of india) water or aromatic perfume so that the meditation room  becomes holy, then at 11 pm sit in meditation room  facing north direction and face Keep a bow, put a yellow cloth on that bow and put a picture of Mata Baglamukhi, keep Mataji’s left  coconut.

Whoever you want to subjugate, whether it is a boy or a girl, keep his picture on the doorpost and take a pledge of your work in front of the mother, then worship Ganesha (ganesha is Indian popular god) and make a garland of your family deity, then light a lamp, scented incense sticks. Burn Google frankincense and then do 5 rosaries of the above mentioned mantra. This ritual is for 11 days. Every day the ritual will remain the same. Offer flowers and pray for the success of your work, within 21 days of completion of this ritual, that boy or girl will fall in love with you. )

In this way, by using Baglamukhi mesmerism , you can make any person favorable to you and get your love.

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