Best Mantras for fortune

Today, I have come before you with Best Mantras for fortune Dhan Lakshmi (Indian god) attraction meditation, by doing which you can get the blessings of  Maa Lakshmi, only by chanting this mantra(spell), you will get its benefit, it is mandatory to take care of many types of rules for doing the meditation of Mata Lakshmi. By having full faith and faith and by following the rules, you can get the blessings of Maa lakshmi.

The Best Mantras for fortune Dhan Lakshmi attraction mantra I am giving here is a very ancient mantra and a rare mantra, how it is proved, what are its rules and regulations, I will explain to you in detail about it,

Best Mantras for fortune


dhan ka bhed khole lakshmee ganesh jee ko raaj kee baat bataayen lakshmee dhan ka bhare bhandaar lakshmee ka laga darabaar lakshmee ke satakaar ganesh jee kare upakaar dhan lakshmee vasheekaran ho baar baar ganesh jee ka deepak jalao sat ke kaaran lakshmee jee ko bulao bhed khule dhan ka lakshmee ganesh jee ko sunaave jo nar naaree lakshmee ko bulaave ganesh jee ke geet gaave dhan lakshmee vasheekaran ho ghar se kabhee na jaaye ganesh jee ka vachan atal ho dhan lakshmee man vaanchhit deve jay jay ganesh jee kee jay jay dhan lakshmee jee kee iti siddham!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove the above mentioned mantra and to get the blessings of Mata Lakshmi, you will have to do meditation for 41 days, start the Best  Mantras for fortune meditation from Friday by taking a wooden board, spread a red cloth on it and install the idol of Mata Lakshmi on it. Take special care of the purity of the place where you are doing meditation and you yourself remain pure, it is necessary to take special care of purity in the meditation of Maa Lakshmi.

You have to use lotus rosary only in meditation, wake up early in the morning in Brahmamurhut(early morning before 6 am) and take a clean bath and first do a brief worship of Ganesha,(ganesha is Indian god) then apply  vermilion tilak head over to Maa Lakshmi, and offer a lotus flower at her feet, pure cow’s melted butter. Light the lamp and according to your power, offer Satvik Bhog (simple food)  to Mata Lakshmi, then later do a garland of Dhan Lakshmi attraction Mantra, you have to do this method continuously for 41 days, do meditation for 41 days with full devotion and faith, follow the rules,

In this way, you can get the grace and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi by proving Best  Mantras for fortune attraction Mantra, the stores of money will always be full, you will get accidental money and there will be no wastage of money.

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