In today’s time everyone wants to know what is bewitchment ? How to prove it because there is some or the other problem in everyone’s life and to get rid of this problem, he wants to bewitchment , someone’s lover has gone away sulking, someone’s girlfriend has gone sulking or someone’s family member is sulking. Bewitchment is done to remove all these problems, today we will talk about bewitchment and its bewitchment mantra, which is a very powerful bewitchment mantra.

Bewitchment is an action, with the help of which you can make anyone friendly or subdued, you can attract the angry person, your boyfriend, girlfriend towards you by bewitchment or attraction , if your family member got angry and ran away from the house. Hey, you can make that person favorable to you by using bewitchment on him.
Wherever you work and your superior is refusing to obey you, you can make him favorable to you by using bewitchment.
To prove bewitchment mantra, you have to do spiritual practice, if you do not follow the right method, then you will not get success, whether it is bewitchment meditation or other spiritual practice, you will need a godfather to complete this meditation. meditation never fails if you don’t have any godfather then you can make your family deity and Lord Bholenath (shiva) your godfather. Take a resolution of your work, then chant bewitchment mantra with rituals, you will definitely get success in meditation.



om jay shree veer kheemadeeya daada tujane karoo pranaam tujane karoo pranaam. karo amaara sindhiya kaam ,riddhi siddhi na bharo bhandaar. chaar disha thee riddhi siddhi laavo, sona roopa no mel baandho. jal baandho, sthal baandho, pavan baandho, baandho baavanaso veer, sar juka sakhat baandhoo, naaga bhookhya kareene raakhu. raaja praja raiyat laage paay kaalee haadee saadhu mada jaya samaroo taya veer khimadiya thaajo khada. amaara hokaaraya paasa phare to maata jahu ka doodh piya haraam kare. aethee jo amaara hokaaraya paasa phare to aadhapurush baar avataar nee duhaay phare. to chalo phalo mantr eeshvar kee vaacha to saty amaara guru na mantr saachcha. vaacha chuke to ubha sookhe!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


A wooden board , 11 laddu(types of sweets) , 1.25 meter black cloth, garland of black, fragrant incense sticks and a knife, photo of the person you want to captivate

How to prove this mantra

For the achievement of the above bewitchment mantra, the meditation will start from Tuesday, the time will be 12:05 in the night, having a bath, being clean, sprinkle perfume in the whole room in which you want to do meditation, then sit facing the north direction. Tie a black cloth on it, put a black cloth on the front door too, put the photo of the person you want to subjugate on the door, then do a garland of godfather Mantra, if there is no godfather , then do a garland of Ganesha(ganesha is god) and then your Make a garland in the name of the family deity and pray in such a way that you get success in meditation.

Before starting meditation, you have to make a security circle with a knife, you can also make a security circle by taking the name of your family god, then you can put laddoos in the prasad,(food) then you have to do 11 rounds of the above bewitchment mantra, meditation is for 21 days everyday. There will be only one method after completion of meditation you have to sleep on the same place and after waking up in the morning you have to do laddu havan,( Offering prayers to God in front of fire) on the last day you have to pray to Veer Khimdiya (Indian danger god) for the success of your meditation and the photo which is displayed on Bajoth (wooden board) during meditation period. You have to keep that photo with you and you have to let the rest of the meditation material flow in water.

Method of Use:-

Method will be done on Tuesday. You can do Method on any Tuesday after the meditation is completed, chant bewitchment Mantra 108 times in front of the photo of the boy or girl whom you want to subdue, during the method Light incense and put that photo in a deserted crematorium by digging a pit and quietly come home without turning back.
Within 41 days of use, that boy or girl will be arrested in your love. This bewitchment mantra is our tried and powerful bewitchment mantra, it is very intense (never use this mantra for bad work and unethical work). You must have come to know from the above method that what is bewitchment? And how do you prove it?

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