Bhairav hypnosis mantra

Masani  bhairav (danger god) hypnosis  meditation  is very intense and dangerous too, whatever be the meditation  of Bhairav, his meditation  is mostly done in the crematorium, just like this meditation  has to be done in the cremation ground, this Bhairav hypnosis mantra  is so dangerous whether the person in front is a boy or a girl. One starts loving like mad and this mantra starts showing its effect in less time.

If you use this Bhairav hypnosis mantra for bad work, then only the seeker has to bear the consequences, this mantra is so powerful that even the stone heart melts and becomes under the control of the seeker, because this is a tremendous hypnosis  meditation  , when the seeker is everywhere If you have been defeated and there is no other way, then it should be used and that too should be done for a legitimate cause only.

This Bhairav hypnosis mantra is so powerful that on whomever it is used, even if it is not far away or sitting seven seas away, this mantra pulls it towards the seeker. because a little mistake can kill the seeker, if you do this meditation  under the supervision of the godfather, then this meditation  becomes successful and also becomes comfortable, our aim is to give the right knowledge and the right method to every sadhak (seeker). We will not say like others that I will subjugate you in 3 hours, we are giving you the method and information that we have here and by using it you can make your life happy.

Bhairav hypnosis mantra


om namah aadesh guru ko, googal dhup kee dhuna, dhaar dekhu pal mein. shakti taras raatri ko, tuta taara, tuta bhairav bapa, kaala nagar gud mantr padhe. usako ghar mein chak na bahaar chak, phir phir dekhe hamaara mukh. seve jiv muvat seve masaan hamase aakul vyaakul. jaatee hanumant kee aan, hame chhod aur ke paas jaay pet phaad. turant mar jaaye, satyanaam aadesh guruka..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Black garland , goat’s liver, bottle of liquor black seat, Google frankincense(google is special incense of india) incense.

How to prove this mantra

Bhairav hypnosis mantra meditation will start from tuesday, go to the cremation ground at 12 midnight on tuesday, find such a cremation ground that he is awake, wear black clothes, tie a black cloth on his head, sit facing the north direction, make a security cordon Keep goat’s liver and liquor bottle with you, burn google and frankincense, then worship Ganeshji(Indian god), do one garland of your family god, after that do 21 garlands of the above mantra, do this ritual continuously for three days, the ritual will remain the same.

After completion of meditation, offer bottle of wine and goat’s liver to Bhairav Baba as bhog (food), on the last day of meditation whomever you want to subdue, be it a boy or a girl, his full name and his mother’s name should be given to Bhairav Baba. Tell me, within 11 days, she will yearn to meet you (let the materials left over during the meditation flow in the water)

After Masani Bhairav hypnosis mantra meditation is proved, sadhak (seeker)  will have to do 51 rounds of the above mentioned mantra once in a year on auspicious time because it is necessary to awaken this mantra. If you use it wrongly, then this meditation will be destroyed, on the contrary, there may be a backlash on the sadhak (seeker), because this meditation is of Bhairav’s cremation ground, if you work carefully, then Bhairav Baba will do the most difficult work. Never use this meditation wrongly.

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