body protection and health

Do any meditation whether it is tamasic (black magic meditation) or sattvic (simple meditation) but it is very important to have a security cordon, because if you don’t put a security cordon then external (ghost power) power can surprise you, sometimes it happens that whatever power we do meditation, that power itself harms the seeker. he tries to scare, so it is very important to create a security circle for the seeker, we have brought security body protection and health mantra for you,

There are many sadhaks (seekers) who do vengeful meditation and learn black magic, for them this mantra proves to be a panacea, by proving this body protection and health meditation, (seekers) can escape from the shadow of demonic demon ghosts because this mantra is very powerful and very powerful.

We will discuss in detail about how to prove body protection and health mantra and how to use it.

body protection and health


Om namo aadesh guru ka vajra ko daai

Mahadantay dasho dishaiay bandh bandh hum fat swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, start meditation from Saturday, this meditation is for 7 days, sit facing east direction, light a lamp of pure cow’s ghee(melted butter), and burn incense of google (Indian special incense) frankincense, then rosary of Rudraksh Do 7 rounds of the above mantra.

You can do this meditation in a secluded room, it is a satvik (simple) mantra, so there is no need to go anywhere, it is necessary for the sadhak (seeker) to observe celibacy for 7 days and take (simple) food, during the meditation, the (seeker) should take food only once. On the last day of meditation, feed 7 unmarried girls and your meditation will be proved.

Method of Use

When you have to do any spiritual practice (meditation) or you are in such a scary place, you will be protected if you recite the above mentioned mantra 7 times and touch your body.

In this way, the seeker can protect himself  by perfecting the body protection and health mantra practice (meditation)

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