Today I have come up with a very dangerous and dangerous exercitation in front of sadhak (seeker)  friends, that is cremation ground exercitation, cremation ground exercitation  is mostly done by Aghori (astrologer) and big tantric  (astrologer) people, to prove that there is a ghost inside the cremation ground or any cremation power. The crematorium ground is awakened, it is not an easy thing to wake up the cremation ground, only those who are strong tantriks or Aghori (astrologer)  can awaken the cremation ground, today I am giving you the mantra to wake up the cremation ground, with the help of which you can awaken the cremation ground,

This is not a exercitation  for those who are new to tantra (spell), but those who have great siddhi (prove mantra) or exercitation  can wake up the cremation ground, so let us know in detail how the mantra to wake up the crematorium ground works and Let’s discuss in detail about how it is used,

cremation ground


Om namo aath khat ki lakdi,munj bani ka kava,

Muva murda bole na bole to mahavir ki aan,

Shabd sancha pind kacha,furo mantra ishwaro vacha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

The ritual of this mantra awakens the crematorium . For this, go to a crematorium with a bottle of liquor, a four-faced lamp made of jasmine flowers, frankincense, chharchbila, cloves, camphor, kachri, perfume and flour.(it is all incense and materials and use in this method) Burn frankincense, keep a four-faced lamp lit. If there is no ghee or oil, put camphor in it and burn it. After that read the above mantra with concentration. With this action, after some time, crematorium will wake up and start crying. Then act calmly and don’t panic or be afraid. You immediately sprinkle perfume, offer alcohol. Then crematorium will appear. Now you welcome him by showering jasmine flowers and by offering the rest of the material to him, bow down to him. Know from him how he will be useful to you in the future.

When the crematorium is awakened then how to use it is up to you, in this way sadhak (seeker) can awaken the crematorium ground by proving the mantra of awakening the cremation ground.

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