Today we will talk about Female attraction Mantra spell  in this article, there is a lot of difference between attraction  meditation and hypnosis.

By the use of hypnosis, the person in front i.e. boy or girl becomes subjugated and attraction genre  works as an attraction, Lord Shri Krishna(Indian god) had attraction power. The person gets attracted towards the seeker.

There are many types of attraction like Viswa attraction meditation, Ganesh attraction trap, attraction meditation Krishna attraction and Shabar(this is powerful spell) attraction trap, all these attraction meditation are able to fascinate everyone, we will learn about simple  Female attraction Mantra in this article. It is powerful, if you use it properly then it is a panacea.

Female attraction


Nain ki kamathi nazar ka teer chalo chalo mara pachaakhriya veer

Raja praja lage paai, japo jagavu tran bhavan dolavu,

Amara dharya naa karo to bava balinath ni duhai fare

Aethi jo amara dharya na karo to shiv Shankar ni aagna fare

Girnari bava ni duhai fare chalo falo mantra ishwar ki vacha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Frankincense incense, garland of black, 11 Talvad laddus, (types of sweet)  rose perfume, black seat.

How to prove this mantra

meditation will start from Sunday, meditation will be in cremation ground, take bath, after getting clean, go to cremation ground at 12 midnight, sit facing north direction, after taking  pew, first you have to garland your family deity, then Ganeshji (ganesh is Indian god) Make a rosary, the incense of Google frankincense should be kept burning at the time of meditation, Prasad of Talvad’s laddus (types of sweet) has to be offered.

As soon as 21 rosaries of the above female attraction mantra and mantra chanting are completed, keeping the face of the person whom you want to control, you have to do one rosary, you have to do this for three days. Do not look back while coming home, that boy/girl will be under your control within 41 days after the completion of the meditation.

You must have come to know from the above method that what is attraction spell, you can also use this attraction genre for the work of your wife, girlfriend or court courtier. You can.

(If this meditation is done under the supervision of godfather then it will be good and do not use it in bad, unethical work, be it Tantric(astrologer) meditation or Veer’s meditation, it is necessary to have a godfather in that meditation because this Female attraction Mantra is of Veer and very important. It is dangerous, therefore, this attraction spell meditation can be performed in the company of a godfather, do not do it without a godfather, because during this meditation a dangerous power also awakens and tries to break the meditation)

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