There are many types of attraction method, all attraction do different things, here we will discuss about flower attraction mantra (spell), Lord Shri Krishna (Indian god) also had attraction power and those who are big tantrics  (astrologer), they all are well versed in attraction power, there are many method of attraction. There are types like Krishna hypnosis arrow, Vishwa Mohini, Maha Mohini, Ganesh Mohini Jaal, Shabar Mohini Jaal and Narsingh’s Mohini(this is method of attraction)  are also very popular,

The method of proving bewitchment and the method of running it are different, we will discuss in detail about Flower attraction mantra in this post, bewitchment should be used when there is a special need, your love is moral or your wife left home bewitchment should be used as soon as she has gone.

Kamakhya Mata’s (kamakhya mata is Indian god and powerful) very powerful flower attraction method, her attack never goes empty. In this post, we will know about Flower attraction mantra method in detail.

Flower attraction mantra


Kamrup desh kamakhya devi jaha base ismail jogi

Ismail jogi ne boyi badi ful utaare lona chamari

Ek ful hanse duja vi hanse teeji ful me chota bada

Naharsinh base jo sunghe is baas jo aave hamare pass aur ke pass jay hiyo fati mari jay meri bhakti guru ki shakti furo mantra ishwaro vacha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

Take bath on Sunday, take cloves, betel leaf sweets, light a lamp and do 21 rosaries of the above mantra, chant with red sandalwood rosary, it is necessary to follow celibacy during meditation, no matter what meditation you do, but you must follow celibacy, sadhak (seekers) sometimes He doesn’t follow celibacy, so his meditation becomes fruitless(fail), do meditation for 41 days so that the mantra becomes completely proven and after meditation, definitely feed the poor people.

Method of use

When attraction method is to be used on a person, then take a flower and chant mantra on it 51 times and smell that flower, be it a girl or a boy, whom you want to fascinate, that person will fall madly in love with you in 3 days. Will be done,

In this way the seeker can attract his lost love or someone by using Flower attraction mantra method.

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