Flower bewitchment Mantra

In this post, I am going to tell you about how flower bewitchment is done, flower bewitchment mantra practice has been going on since ancient times. He had Siddhi (proven) and he used to teach others too,

When you are doing the meditation of this bewitchment, you should do this meditation during the meditation till you do not have any experience, the more you do the meditation with faith and faith, the sooner you will experience it, whatever the meditation it is necessary to have faith in it.

In ancient times, Aghori (astrologer) , Alchemist and Tantrik (astrologer)  used to subjugate a woman or girl by smelling a flower, that girl or woman only sees the person who has subjugated her, this method is slowly disappearing, now there are many Tantrik and Aghori whose This method is present recently, but he does not teach anyone other than his disciple, but today I have brought the complete method of this ancient method in front of you, with the help of which you will also become proficient in this method.

So let us discuss in detail about how the flower bewitchment  mantra is done and how it is used.

Flower bewitchment Mantra


om muthee maata moothee raanee goothee lagaave aag. amuk ke chatak lagaay bedhadak kalah machaavai mukh na bole, sukh na sove kahat mantr uthaay, maarayau urajhai kyon kaacha soot kee aatee urajhai ab dekhoo naahasinh veer tere mantr kee shakti shabd saancha pind kaacha, phuro mantr eeshvaro vaacha.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

Go to the Red oleander flower tree on Saturday evening and after inviting it, tie Kalava to the branch with flowers. Next day, on Sunday morning, break that branch and bring it. At night, light a lamp and sit on a woolen seat. on red clothes.

Keep that branch and worship it with incense and lamps. Then chant the above mantra in the number of 1008, you will have to do this action for 11 days, this action will prove the mantra. After plucking a flower from a branch, blow on it after reciting the mantra twenty one times. The one who will be gifted this flower, he will be in control.

Even if you smell that flower to the desired woman, that woman will be attracted towards you within 7 days.

These thoughts must be coming in your mind that how to make that woman or girl smell flowers and gift them? But when you invite a flower, then in place of such and such, pronounce the woman or girl you want, at the time of chanting, meditate on the person whose name you will do this experiment and if you give the flower to him, he will not say anything and he will accept your flower because he You have done this experiment for the person, when the flowers are invited, then only the effect starts on him, your thoughts start running in his mind, when you give him the flower, he will accept it and will be subjugated to you.

You can subjugate anyone with flower  bewitchment  Mantra meditation, but the condition will be that that girl or woman should be living near you, you should keep meeting her face to face anywhere 2-3 times a day, even if she does not talk to you. But it should be around you, then this experiment proves 100% effective, when you invite flowers, you should give that flower as a gift within a day or two or smell it, if you delay more The effect of the mantra vanishes.

No one will give you flower bewitchment mantra meditation with such correct method, but we try to bring you this rare and vanishing method again, so that our ancient method, with the help of which our India can become popular in the whole world. He is famous, that genre is again dedicated to you for the work of public interest and public welfare.

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