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There is a problem of money in the life of every human being, no matter how much money is there, but he keeps running after money, to overcome the problem of money, I have come to you with the measures to get Lakshmi,(god of money and wealth)  with the help of this you can get money. can solve the problem,

Many sadhak (seeker) friends say that godfather Lakshmi comes but does not stay, so this mantra and method is a panacea for that sadhak (seeker)  friend also.

So let’s know in detail about the method of attaining Lakshmi, how to use it and how to meditation  the mantra, let’s discuss in detail about it,

A simple method for the person who does not have savings even in his hard earned money and is very sad, bring an idol made of clay of Lakshmi at home and install an idol of Ganesha (Indian god) along with it.

Bring and install both of them and offer milk soaked in milk at the feet of Ganesha Lakshmi’s idol every morning by taking the root of dub, do this method for twenty one days when the flow of Lakshmi starts at home.

If it becomes in me, then it can make the water flow in Ganga ji-Yamuna ji (gangaji and yaminaji is holy  river of india) by moving the idols.

get money


Om jay lakshmi ramana!

Jay lakshmi Vishnu charachari jagat dharini!

Kariyanti kariyanti!

Karunanirmami sevitam sansaram!

Jagat firyami firyami Vishnu charachari bhedini sansaram!

Nar narayan gavati prati dinam!

Bhaskranti Bhaskranti namami namami!

Pashyanti pashyanti chalnetri chalnetri!

Avagaman firusymi firusyami lakshamani ramana!

Iti sidhdam!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

Chant the above get money mantra 21 times in the morning and evening And if you have a shop or a business, then you can chant the above mantra at that place also, if you chant it for at least 41 days, you will definitely get sudden money, money will last and money will also be received. After completing the method of mantra, feed food to a Brahmin or 5 unmarried girls and give some gifts according to your power.

In this way, you can remove the problem of get money by the means of attaining Lakshmi.

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