Today in this post, I will tell you about hypnosis Mantra, there are many types of hypnosis  and the method to prove its use is different, in the most powerful girls hypnosis, Bhairav’s hypnosis, Mahakali’s hypnosis, Narasimha’s hypnosis and Ganesha’s hypnosis. As it is, Kamdev’s hypnosis also works at a fast speed, Bhairav’s hypnosis  is very powerful, once used it becomes difficult for the person in front to escape, Smshaan Bhairav’s hypnosis is very dangerous and powerful, its attack never goes empty.

Nowadays everyone has gone mad after attraction and hypnosis, it is everyone’s delusion, some people pick up mantras from YouTube and do what is said in it, and then they become unsuccessful, then they find fault with the mantra system, they do not know the right method. And if you experiment, you will find mantras everywhere, but no one knows how to prove that mantra, what is the method, that’s why it doesn’t work, attraction and hypnosis are not an easy process, it has to be proven first, then You can go and use that mantra, nothing will happen without hard work, meditation and penance, if by reciting the mantra in front of the photo 21 times, that girl or boy would be in your control, then everyone would do the same, some say while sleeping. Take the girl’s name 7 times, morning will be in your control, nothing like this happens, first remove that misconception from your mind,

So let us discuss in detail about how girls hypnosis Mantra is proved and how it is used,

girls hypnosis


chand mund bhairo saje dhare dharm kee dheer poornamasee kee sanjh mein mile saty veer karnabhooshan sis jata chimata trishool kahe goraksh chale santon ka mool chale sant ganv ganv peechhe chalee nar naree pooja kare santon kee bheed lagee badee bharee bha gaye sant mohit ho gaee sab phulavaree chahakane lage pakshee bhanvar sunaharee santon ne jab vachan sunaye mohit ho gayee sansar kee sab nar naree santon ne jab shiv kee taraph bah pasaree shiv lok se jab chalane lagee phunvaree mohit ho gaee sab nar naree jay jay shiv jee adhikaree shivajee ko jisane yaad kiya usakee ho poorn manokamana saree jay jay shiv jee adhikaree iti siddham!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, keep the bull stone in the middle of worship, offer garlands of flowers all around and light a lamp of ghee(melted butter)  in front of the bull stone, and chant this mantra 108 times in a sattvik (simple)  manner.

Human beings should do this and then meditate on this mantra for a month and a half, as much as possible day and night, then this hypnosis mantra will be proved. To prove this hypnosis mantra you will have to do hard penance until you get any experience then keep on doing meditation.

Whoever you want to subjugate, garland this mantra in front of that person, while chanting that person should meditate and then meet him, then that person will be subjugated by you, the person whom you want to subjugate or enchant, that person will be similar to you. He lives near you, meets somewhere everyday, works together, then this mantra will work.

In this way, by using girls hypnosis mantra, you can control the desired person, you can easily charm him and make him friendly.

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