Good luck mantra

Today, in this post, I have come up with a Good luck mantra to awaken your luck, by achieving this, you can wake up your luck. If your luck is not with you, then you must chant this mantra, with the success of this mantra, your Spoiled works will start getting done and your life will start becoming happy,

So let’s know in detail how to prove the Good luck mantra to awaken luck and what is the method to prove it, let’s discuss it in detail,

Good luck mantra


Mantra mahamani Vishay byal ke!

Metat kathin kuank bhal ke!

(Do not make any changes in the above mentioned mantra.)

how to prove this mantra

Chanting this mantra with a garland of turmeric knots By chanting 1100 daily  for 1 months, luck becomes favourable. The irony of fate is destroyed by the use of this mantra.

Mantra for good luck and prosperity


bhav bheshaj raghunath jasu, je gavahin nar naari . tinhakar sakal manorath, siddh karahin tripurari . kshemakari kari kar kshemavishekhi . shyama vaam sutaru par dekhi . jag soee. putravati yuvati raghupati bhakt jaasu sut hoee . achal hoy ahibaat tumhara . jab lagi gangajamun jaladhara . barahi bar lai ur leenheen. dhari-dhiraj sikh aashish deenhi . jo raghupati charanan chitalavai. tehisam dhany na aan kahavai. yah bhanti gauri aashish suni. siyasahit hiy harshit alee . tulasi bhavanihi pooji puni-puni . mudit man mandir chali .

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

how to prove this mantra

worshiping Lakshmi on the night of Diwali (Indian festival) Worship and then keep reciting this mantra continuously till sunrise. Chanting this mantra in the morning, go near the sycamore tree. After offering a betel nut, two laddoos (A type of sweet), incense-camphor and rolli (red cord), do 21 recitations of this mantra and Then pluck a sycamore from that tree and keep it in the place of wealth, then good luck and happiness are in favor of the seeker.

In this way, a seeker can change his fortune by using Good luck mantra to awaken his fortune and attain happiness and prosperity.

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