Hanuman veer strot

Hanuman veer strot is such a powerful source that with its accomplishment, the seeker can easily bind ghosts, demons, dakini shakini (this is types of ghosts name), all ghosts, this source can easily do the work of attraction and do mesmerise, but it is easy to prove this source. No, to prove this, it is necessary to take care of some special rules and regulations,

In this post, we will know in detail how the source of Hanuman veer strot is proven and how to use this source, we have given all that information in detail in this post.

Hanuman veer strot


Om namo bhagvate vichitra veer hanumate palay Kalanal ubhapajvlnaaya etaap bajra dehay anjani garbh sambhutay prakar veekramveer daitya danav yaksh raksha gan grah bandhanay bhut grah bandhanay prêt vaah bandhanay pichach grah bandhanay shakini dakin vaah bandhanay kakini dakini vaah bandhanay baha baah bandhanay brahm rakshash grah bandhanay chor grah bandhanay mari vaah bandhanay ehi ehi aagachha aaveshay aaveshay mam hulye eveshay praveshay sfur sfur prasfur prasfur satyam kathay vyadh mukh bandhan sarp mukh bandhan raaj mukh bandhan naari mukih bandhan sabha mukh bandhan shatru mukh bandhan sarva mukh bandhan lanka Prasad bhajanam amuk me vashmanay klim klim klim shree shree rajanaam vashmanay shree hrim klim strina aakarshay aakarshay ,mam shatru marday marday maray maray churnay churnay khe khe,shree raamchandra mam karyana siddhi kuru kuru om ham hum hring hum haum hum fat swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this strot

To prove this source, start meditation  from Saturday or Tuesday, go to Hanumanji’s temple and offer sweet to Hanumanji and offer 5 jasmine flowers, chant the above source 21 times with red sandalwood garland, do this meditation continuously for 41 days. On the last day of meditation,offer red nappy to Hanumanji and offer anything made of milk in Naivedh (for god food).

By doing meditation  for 41 days, Hanuman veer strot will be proved and especially keep in mind that he should observe celibacy during the meditation.

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