How to bewitchment

Captivation is a very unique action because people consider it very easy, some believe that it is done in just 3 hours, then some say that it is done in 1 hour, all these are beliefs, there is nothing like that, here in today you will find I will explain in detail about bewitchment, how to bewitchment is done, bewitchment action by photo, by name, by the clothes of the person in front of him, by sweets, flowers, by inviting something and throwing it on that person, many such In today’s type of bewitchment, here I will discuss in detail about how bewitchment is done with cardamom,

We know completely about how to bewitchment with cardamom and what are its rules and regulations.

How to bewitchment


om namo kaala kalava kaalee raat jisakee putalee maanjha raakh kaala kalava ghaat vaat sotee ko jagaee laav, baithee ko uthaee laav khadee ko chala laav, begee dharya laav mohanee johanee chal raaj kee taand amukee(girls name) hajaar jaap kare!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

 How to prove this mantra

To prove this meditation, you have to do this meditation for 41 days, start this meditation from any new moon day, do 5 rounds of the above mantra in the morning and evening for 41 days, keep the place where you do meditation holy (holy is Indian festival) and keep it in the meditation section. Sleep on the ground, offer sweets and jasmine flowers every Tuesday, observe celibacy during meditation and feed a virgin girl on the last day of meditation,

On the last day of meditation, after completing the meditation, perform Dashansh Havan.( Offering prayers to God in front of fire)

Method of use

Chant ten rounds of this mantra on a small cardamom and feed this blessed cardamom to the desired woman. This will subdue him. Then she will be bound to obey everything you say. It is necessary to say the name of that woman instead of Amuki (Where a amuki word comes in the mantra, it is to take the name of the girl.) in the mantra.

Cardamom You can give it in sweets, in tea or in any kind of food item, but keep in mind that you have to give the invited cardamom to bloom within 24 hours, if you give it in 24 hours Only this bewitchment works, otherwise its effect will not be visible. In this way, a seeker can fulfill his wish by How to bewitchment with cardamom.

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