Hypnosis by Mantra

Today I have brought such a mantra, in which you can do Hypnosis  by mantra, just chant the mantra, you can do the subjugation work only by chanting the mantra, but there is some limitation of this meditation, which is very important to take care of.

There are many ways to subjugate such as subjugation by photo, subjugation by name, subjugation by feeding, subjugation by drinking, subjugation by meditation. I face problems, so they are not able to do it because it is not easy to feed and feed them, to remove all these problems, I have come to you with the method of how to Hypnosis  only through mantra,

Hypnosis  by this mantra is not that easy but it is not difficult either, if you do it with full power and devotion then you will get 100% success, today’s new youth take short cut way but they do not succeed because it takes 2-3 days. If you want only result, then you will not get success like this, you will have to do meditation, devotion and meditation, if you cannot do this, then Tantra (spell)  is of no use for you,

First, as much enjoyment as you give, as hard as you do, if you do meditation  continuously, then your mantra will be proven. Once you get success, no one’s power can stop you. By doing Hypnosis  work, you will also know what Hypnosis  is, until you experience it. Till then meditation  should be done, sometimes it happens that your attention is not completely in meditation  , even then it takes time to get success in meditation  , when you step into tantra, first you have to have faith and patience,

If you want to control the mind completely, then you should use any Tratak (used to focus attention) for 21 days because with Tratak you can control the mind, the more you control the mind, the sooner you will get success in Hypnosis  meditation  .

So let’s know in detail that how to Hypnosis  by mantra and how to achieve it, I will give you all the information in this post today,

Hypnosis by Mantra


Bhagani tasmai namah!

ang bhag bhuge bhagani bhagodari bhag maale yoni bhag nipaatinee sarv bhag vashakaree bhag svaroope nityaklain bhag sandarbhe. sarv vaataani me vashamaanay. varade rete

su rete bhaag klinne. kleen na drave, kleday dravay amoghe. bhag vidhe, kartavy kshobhay sarv satvaan. bhageshvaree ain klaim main bloo mo valoon he klain. sabase adhik vaataanee tasme namah!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

First of all, after taking bath and meditation, sit on the seat of Kush(types of posture). Keep a big ghee(melted butter) or oil lamp lit in front of you. Then chant the above mentioned mantra in the number of 1.25  lacs. No matter how much time it takes, until the number of mantras is completed, do not get up from your place. The lamp should also keep burning continuously.

In this way the mantra should be proven. After proven of mantra, meditating on the vagina of the desired woman, chanting twenty one rounds of this mantra leads to the Hypnosis  of the desired woman.

When your subjugation work is successful, do not discuss it with anyone, keep this meditation  a secret, if you tell anyone then your meditation  will be unsuccessful, do not tell any woman whom you have subjugated and do not do any wrong thing with her. otherwise you may have to suffer,

You can use this meditation  for marriage, if your lover has gone away or your wife is not agreeing to you, then in such a situation, this mantra and experiment is a panacea, after proving this Hypnosis  by Mantra, prove it once again in a year. It seems that you can prove this mantra even on the day of Narak Chaturdashi (before diwali) by doing 21 rounds because it is necessary to prove the power of Hypnosis  by Mantra to keep it awake.

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