increase memory power

The person who has less memory or the boy who studies and does not remember, then he must use the tricks and mantra given by me, so that his memory power will increase, to increase memory power, you can use tricks and mantras. can also do.

So let’s know in detail the use of this trick to increase memory power and how to use this mantra, let’s discuss in detail about it,

increase memory power


Touch the head to the wall and move the feet downwards and where your feet are, light four lamps of oil and stand carefully and look at the flame of the lamp for five minutes, then the second method with Keep your head down and your feet up and keep looking at the flame of that lamp. Do both the tasks at least five times and do it continuously for a month and a half, the intellect will become very sharp and the memory power will increase a lot.


smaran shakti srot sarasvatee banaave

jo bole jay dharm kee yaad usee kee aave

buddhi ahankaaree aur jo ghaseetane kee mahasoos karate hain

sarasvatee kee pooja karen poorn aasaaven

jo sarasvatee maata ko pooje gaay ko bhojan karaave

vah suputr buddhi praaptee jeevan vyateet karate hain

sarasvatee maata kanth buddhi devee jo manaave

vahee phal paave smaran shakti deve

buddhi kee shakti badhee!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

Recite the above mantra at 11 o’clock on Friday night after being clean and having a bath and sit facing the north direction, light a lamp of pure native cow’s ghee in front of you and make a rosary with a rosary of Rudraksh, do this method continuously for 21 or 41 days to improve your memory. Power will surely increase

In this way, you can increase memory power by using Totka (practice) and mantra to increase memory power, this totka (practice)  and mantra proves useful for those who study.

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