intense mesmerism mantra

Today I have brought a very powerful and intense mesmerism mantra in front of you, once you have proven this mesmerism mantra, then understand that no one will be able to stop you from doing mesmerism , this mesmerism mantra is so powerful that cutting it is a matter of everyone’s power. No, today’s youth has fallen behind mesmerism with all their might and they do not know what mesmerism is, they think that if they take a girl’s name or take a photo and chant in front of her 5-6 times, she will come within 3 hours. This doesn’t happen anywhere, first you remove that illusion from your mind,

Mesmerism is not a minor act, to prove it you have to perform many rituals and chants, you have to follow its rules and regulations, only then you get success in mesmerism , today in this post I am going to open everything so that our The seeker’s friend should know that what is mesmerism , I do not give half-baked method like other baba and tantric (astrologer), I give complete information which I put on my website, so that you can understand what is mesmerism in reality. ,

So let us discuss in detail about the accomplishment of this intense mesmerism mantra so that you can remove the superstition of mesmerism in your mind,

Intense mesmerism mantra


om namo aadesh gurujee ko namaskaar, sindur sindoor mahaasindoor nu kahaan se aayo kaun lyaayo garud parvat se aayo, gauree ka put ganes lyaava, pailee sindur maata anjanee ko chadaayo aani kaasai kar lyaayo, ridasid reelee bhar lyaayo doosaree sindur kisako chadhaoon, anjanee ko poot hanumaannakau chadaayo, hau- hankaar hanumanko tesaree sindur kisako chadaayo bil jati gorakhanaath ko chadaayo, man riksha pun vado sidhi var paayo chautho sindur kisako chadaayo, chaturbhuj ganesh ko chadaayo paanchon sindur kisako chadaayo taara tripura totala ko chadaayo, jo karai sindur kee ninda, usako shaashai maaya rajeedaas do rajadaavai, shreegaasna paavai tripura sundaree sang paavai, shad-kaalee manaoon kaalee vaashai santuree ko vijada pai, kaalika maata man ichchha pooran kar siddhi karaka. om apeeliyi alee aagaan kaalee aapragaan kuru kuru kaaleekaayau phat svaaha, phuro mantr eeshvaro vaacha, ain mantr le sindur mantanau sir lagaanau vindee amuk vash mein ho.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

Method to prove the mantra

To prove this Intense mesmerism mantra, you will have to do meditation for 41 days because until the mantra is not proved, the mantra will not do any work for you.

Start the meditation from Saturday, chant 3 rounds of the above mantra with red sandalwood rosary, during the meditation use fragrant incense sticks and google incense,(this is powerful incense of india) take special care of cleanliness during the meditation of this mantra and you should observe complete celibacy for 41 days.

Stay away from alcohol, meat and eat only once, eat satvik (simple) food, do not use garlic and onion, feed 5 unmarried girls on the last day of meditation and donate some gift to her, you can give gift according to your power,

In the same way, if you do spiritual practice for 41 days, then your Intense mesmerism mantra will be proved, on the last day of spiritual practice, do Dashansh Havan,( Offering prayers to God in front of fire)

Method of Use

On any Saturday, after 11 o’clock in the night, sit on an Posture facing the west. Spread a silk cloth on a wooden plate in front and make a pile of Priyangu on it and install green akeek on it, write the name of the desired woman or man on a paper with mascara for eyes and put it on the cloth. Then after worshiping it with kamia vermilion (special vermilion )and akshats, light a lamp of cows ghee(melted butter) and chant the above mentioned Intense mesmerism mantra one hundred and eight times and in place of Amuk in the mantra, speak the name of the desired woman or man. Make sure to look at the flame of the lamp every time after chanting the Intense mesmerism mantra. Desired woman or man will be subjugated.

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