Many mantras of attraction were given to you, but today I am going to give you Krishna  (Krishna is Indian god) attraction, this mantra works very fast, Krishna’s attraction never goes empty, Krishna’s attraction also has many mantras which fascinate the person in front. You can say that Krishna had attraction in himself who could fascinate everyone, if you use this mantra with the right method, you will surely get success.

So let’s know in detail how this mantra is proven about Krishna attraction and how it is used, let’s discuss in detail about it,

Krishna attraction


om guru jee gorakh jatee machhendr ka chela krshn ke roop mein dikhe alabela. kanon kundal gale mein nadee hath trishool nath hai aadi. alakh purush ko karoon aadesh janm janm ke kato kalesh. bhagava vesh hath mein morapinchh krshn shiv ka chela jahan jahan jaoon nagar dagar lage. vahan phir mela shiv ka dhuna gorakh tape kaal kantak thar thar kampe. meree raksha kare nav nath ram doot hanumant riddhi siddhi aangan viraje. maee annapoorna sukhavant shabd sancha pind kancha chalo mantr eeshvaro vacha ..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Google’s incense(this is special incense of india), Mohini incense, this is special incense of india)  fragrant incense, rose perfume, Peacock feather , earthen lamp and jasmine oil, 5 red flowers.

How to prove this mantra

Meditation  will start on Tuesday, take a clean bath on Tuesday and sit in a secluded room at 10 pm, purify the room with rose perfume before Meditation  , then sit facing north, use jasmine oil Light a lamp, use Google’s Dhoop (type of incense) and Mohini and light fragrant incense sticks, keep the photo of the girl or boy whom you want to bewitch in front of you, the photo should be at least 6 months old and place Peacock feather near the photo, then Ganeshji  (Indian god)  Worship and do a rosary of your family deity, chant mantras with rosary of black rosary or rudraksh.

Then do 11 rounds of the above mentioned Krishna attraction mantra, while chanting the mantra, concentrate your full attention on the photo, this meditation will remain the same every day for 21 days, after completing the meditation, offer sweets in food  and for the success of your work. Pray, after completing the meditation, sleep in the meditation room only, keep all the equipments on the same place, within 41 days after the completion of this meditation, that girl or boy will be attracted or hypnotized towards you (observe celibacy during the meditation And stay away from alcohol, meat)

In this way, you can get your love by using Krishna attraction, you can subjugate the desired person, but keep in mind that this proven should not be used for  wrong deeds.

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