From subjugation, many questions arise in people’s mind, they think that what is subjugation really? Today, I will remove the illusion of subjugation in your mind, so subjugation is not an easy process to do it. You will have to do a lot of hard work and penance, then you will be able to do subjugation, I will tell you the complete method of Lalita Devi (lalita devi is Indian god) attraction Mantra, how to use it and achieve it,

So let us know in detail how Lalita Devi proves attraction Mantra and how to use it, we will discuss in detail about it,

Lalita Devi


prayunijam jayalalita paaradhiviraniyam vansheetaamutam praani jaya lalita naman naman,jaya lalita prakrtiyam dharnuktam vidhi vansheebhootabhootam praniyam kee purushukutam adhyaayavijay sansaaram praani manaana pratigyaayam mahaabharanujam abhivatree devee manasamaee vyaadhai lalita panth krti maee naman naman parichaary raman vishnu bhateejanyam jaya lalita viviranavijay vashibhootam praarambham vaastuyam praani maatr jaya pravaah bhedinee vaayu kamanda paarikhaviyam jay lalita maiyan prakrtim jagat vyavahaaram !!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

You have to start meditation  from Tuesday, this meditation  is a 41 day meditation  , during meditation  it is necessary to follow celibacy from body and mind, chant mantras with rudraksh rosary, light ghee(melted butter)  lamp in front and light fragrant incense sticks, one morning and one evening. Make sure to chant the rosary and memorize the mantra before the meditation  , sleep only in the meditation  section(room) during the meditation  period, do not consume meat, alcohol and other intoxicants during the meditation  period.

Lalita Devi attraction Mantra is so powerful that you will definitely have some or the other experience during meditation  ;

Method of Use

Whoever you want to subdue, take a photo of that person, sprinkle fragrant perfume on him and do a garland of Lalita Devi attraction Mantra, while doing garland, your attention should be on the photo, if you do mantra accomplishment and experiment in the right way, you will get You will definitely get the result in 21 days.

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