Laxmi gayatri

Lakshmi meditation  is done for peace in the house to get money, in today’s time everyone has only one problem, that is the problem of money, to solve the problem of money, I have brought Laxmi gayatri (Indian god) Mantra meditation  in front of you. If you do meditation  with full devotion and faith then Goddess Lakshmi will solve your every problem and will remove money problem.

Through this post, we are giving you Laxmi gayatri Mantra meditation  , if you complete this meditation  with the right method, then you will definitely get benefit, so let’s know about the method of this meditation,

Laxmi gayatri


Om shree mahalaxmye cha vidmahe Vishnu patanye cha dhimahi tanno laxmi prachodayat om!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

You should start this meditation from Friday, you can do this meditation  for 11 days or 21 days, do this meditation  at such a place where no one comes and goes, put a red cloth on a window and install the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on it, Mata Offer satvik bhog (simple food offering god) to the mother and offer 7 types of fruits and flowers to the mother and make a resolution with water in hand.

You have to do 3 garlands in the morning and evening with the garland of Lotus, take care of purity during meditation and follow celibacy, the more you have faith in mother, the sooner your wish will be fulfilled, by doing this meditation  The problem of money will go away and his name will be made in the society wherever he goes, he will get respect and the seeker will get unexpected money.

In this way, the seeker can fulfill his wishes by performing this meditation  , this Laxmi gayatri Mantra meditation  of Maa Lakshmi is also very famous and infallible for happiness and prosperity in the family.

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