Lord kaal bhairav

Bhairav (bhairav is very Violent god) is such a power which is very dangerous and powerful, it is not an easy task to prove Bhairav, if you do sadhna (meditation) with full faith and devotion then only Bhairav can be proved, along with sadhna (meditation), take care of his show much kindness and worship. It is observed, nowadays people run after hypnotisam ,mesmerisam and black magic, but you do not need to go anywhere, do Lord kaal bhairav meditation and prove, your every task will become easy.

Lord kaal bhairav also has many forms and its meditation is also done in different ways, by doing Bhairav’s meditation you get success in every astrologer work. You can also do meditation Bhairav moves with each and every power of Dasamahavidha (big spell method of india or big genere of india ), be it Tantrik, be it Aghori,(big astrologer) he has Bhairav, he does everything by the power of Bhairav,

So let’s know in detail how Lord kaal bhairav meditation and proving is done and how Bhairav do every work, let’s discuss in detail about it,

Lord kaal bhairav


bhairo chale ujjaan chakari gauraksh mile mool aakhari hua milan jab gauraksh ne sudh lee saaree goraksh ke bane shishy brahmachaaree bhairo jee ne diya vachan bahut bhaari ja goraksh jagat mein kar de vaah vaah nyaari kalyan kar den nar naari bhairo ka diya vachan poorn hua gauraksh jee ne sampoorn kiya jay jay goraksh kee aan bhairo jee kee shaan jay jay bhairo jee kee iti siddham!!

(Do not make any changes in the words of the above mantra.)

Method of proving mantra

Break this mantra from the sycamore tree on Saturday and soak it in mustard oil. Prove this mantra 108 times by lighting an oil lamp on 5 Saturdays. If you do not have a Guru (preceptor) and have not taken Gurudakshina(give something your godfather as a donation), then you will have to do the above mentioned Bhairav meditation  and prove Mantra at 1 a.m. for 41 days with the rosary of black colour, take care of cleanliness during the meditation  and feed a Bread to a black dog every day. You can start meditation after taking permission from your  God.

You will have to become a worshiper in Bhairav’s meditation  , you will have to serve him and worship him, you will have to do sadhna (meditation ) without breaking it, only then Bhairav will be proven, until Bhairav is proven, there is no experience, then the seeker  who think that 3-4 days, If meditation  will be proved in 4 days, then Bhairav meditation  is of no use for that seeker. will be easy,

In this way, a seeker can make Lord kaal  Bhairav move by doing Bhairav meditation  and Siddhi (proving of bhairav), he can make him do every work, he can do Shat Karma (every work including black magic) easily.

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