Mahakali bewitchment is mostly done by tantric (seeker), other than that common man can also do it, but it is necessary to keep a godfather.

It is the action of crematorium, so one has to go to the cremation ground and whoever wants to be captivated, whether it is a boy or a girl, should have a black and white photo of him and his full name, then the seeker can do this meditation because the subjugation mantra of Mata Kali is in it. Instead of so-and-so, the full name of the person who does bewitchment  will have to be spoken and his photo will have to be kept in front.

mahakali bewitchment


om kaling maan kaalee mahaakaalee. bhadrakaalee utisht chaamunda kaalee . (amukee) mam vashamaanay phat svaaha..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Garland of Black garland  or Rudraksh, four-faced lamp, mustard oil, goat’s liver, frankincense incense, fragrant perfume and photo of the girl child (must be at least 6 months old)

How to prove this mantra

meditation will start from Sunday, take bath on Sunday, get clean and go to the crematorium at 11 pm, sit facing north direction, first make a security circle, sprinkle fragrant perfume, light a four faced lamp, right in front of you that girl Or keep the photo of the boy whom you want to control, incense of frankincense, keep goat’s liver with you, then worship Ganesha,( Indian god) make a garland of your family deity and make a request to get success in work, then chant Mahakali(mahakali is Indian god) bewitchment  mantra. Do 11 garlands.

Chant the mahakali bewitchment mantra while looking at the picture of the girl or boy, where a certain word comes in the mantra, say the name of the girl, after completing the chanting, give goat’s liver to Mahakali as an offering, while coming home, keep the photo in the cremation ground. Keep it in such a place that no one can see this ritual for 5 days, this ritual will remain the same every day, offer goat’s liver to Mata Kali everyday, and speak your mind, this mantra of Mata Kali is very powerful. this mantra is also known from Mahakali attraction method, as soon as the ritual is completed, that boy or girl will fall in love with you within 41 days. Do meditation  only under the supervision of godfather)

After the Mahakali bewitchment  mantra is proved, prove it by doing 21 rosaries on any auspicious day so that the mantra remains awake.

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