Mahavir Swami

If we talk about Mahavir Swami, then he had adopted the life of a monk by giving up the glory of Raj, renunciation of violence is considered to be his symbol, he has mainly 5 mantras, non-violence, truth, non-violence, asateya and celibacy, non-violence is also the main teaching of Jainism. ,

By chanting the mantra of Mahavir Swami, the effects of ghosts, fear and dien  will go away.

Mahavir Swami was born in a wealthy family, there was no shortage of money, yet he had given up all that, Mahavir Swami says that celibacy is the best penance in penance, if celibacy is to be followed, then dirty thoughts should be abandoned. And should stay away from other women forever, Swamiji said that if you follow strict celibacy then you must follow celibacy from body and mind.

So let us know in detail how to chant the mantra of Mahavir Swami and discuss it in detail.

Mahavir Swami


Om anamo mahaviray namo,

Anamo ahirano namniyanam,

Anamo nistariyanam nanay namah,

Jay nirmaniyam nanay namah sansar bindam namah,

Jay mahaviray namah mukharbindam,

Jagdishambaran namay anamo,

Pitambaram Vishnu dhartim,

Dharinim yuge yuge,

Jay hariharay anamo,

Jay mahaviray namah,

Iti sidham !!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

The above mentioned mantra is satvik (simple)  mantra, so you have to become completely (simple) , there is no law and order to chant this mantra, but you should chant it as much as you can during the day, when you are chanting this mantra, those It is very important to observe celibacy during the days, it is forbidden to eat sweets made of milk, ghee,(melted butter) garlic and jaggery, seeker  should always eat (simple) food only.

In this way you can chant the mantra of  Mahavir Swami and get his blessings.

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