This mantra can be used only by girls and women. This mantra is not for men, whose husband does not listen to his wife, does not love properly and keeps on waking up in the house, then at that time the woman should chant this Mantra to control husband. prove and its use can control her husband,

If a girl wants a boy and wants to attract him towards her, then this mantra can be used even at that time.

So let’s know in detail about this Mantra to control husband, how it is proven and how it is used. By using this mantra, a sadhika (seeker) can control her husband.

Mantra to control husband


ya bhuj te mahishaasur maari aur shumbh-nishumbh dooo dal thamba aarat hetu pukaarat haun jai kahaan baithee jagadamba khadg tooto ki khappar phooto ki sinh thako tumaro jagadamba aaj tohe maata bhakt shapath binu shaanti die jaani sovahu amba.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, 11 days of meditation will have to be done, one garland will have to be done in the morning and evening, wearing black clothes, start chanting the above mentioned mantra with basil garland, to prove this mantra, first you will have to do one garland. Namah Shivay: One rosary of the mantra will have to be done, then you can start chanting the above mentioned mantra,

Eat Satvik (simple) food for 11 days and observe celibacy completely, when chanting is over, apply ghee (melted butter) on a roti (bread) and feed that bread  to a cow.


When you want to subdue a man or a boy or your husband, by reciting the above mentioned Mantra to control husband 108 times on a sweet and feeding it to the desired man or boy, that person will run after you and fall in love with you. Will be arrested.

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