Mesmerism by meditation is such an action which is very difficult to do, if a little mistake is made, then the Mesmerism work becomes unsuccessful, there are some special rules for Mesmerism, it has its method, this meditation is not a 2-3 day meditation, it takes a lot of time to do it. It takes time and then you get success and success in subjugation, if you follow the rules completely then you will get success. In this post, I have brought Mesmerism specialist meditation in front of you. can be easily done,

My only aim is to give complete and accurate information to the seeker friend, we do not give half  incomplete information on this website  and the method we put here will not be found anywhere, the seeker friend who returns empty handed even after giving money Oh, our meditation is a panacea for him,

Learn meditation anywhere you don’t need to pay money if that Tantrik or Aghori (astrologer) teaches you meditation and when you get prove then you should go and give Gurudakshina (Donation of preceptor or godfather), if you give money first then you will be cheated,

The mantra that I have brought here only captivates with meditation, but it is necessary for you to prove and awaken this mantra, when you do meditation, this mantra of yours will be proved and will work after being awakened, in today’s time everyone needs 2-3 Results are needed in the day, without proving the mantra, they use it and it becomes ineffective, then the system is called a liar,

Achievement is not achieved without spiritual meditation, until the mantra is not proved by law and rules, till then that mantra remains only a word, mantra has to be proven, it has to be awakened, then it goes and works, whatever meditation I put here I am going to give you complete method, if you do meditation with our given method then you will get 100% success,

Let us know in detail how Mesmerism by meditation is proven and how it is used, once you complete this meditation, you will not need to go anywhere, you will be able to do Mesmerism yourself.



Om tal tumbri dah dah darey zaal zaal aam aam aam hum hum hum he he he kaal kamani kota kamriya om thah thah!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

You must be feeling strange to see this mantra, but this mantra is very powerful mantra, you can give the effect of this mantra by practicing it, you have to do this Mesmerism meditation for 37 days i.e. 1.25 months, the beginning of the meditation  Do it on Tuesday, you have to chant mantra with black hakik (black rosary) or rudraksh rosary, if you have rudraksh rosary then chant mantra from that only but rosary should be of 108 rudraksh,

Take an earthen lamp and put jasmine oil in it and light a four-faced lamp, then do Incense stick, you will get Incense stick from the shop, without Incense stick, this practice is of no use, burn fragrant incense and worship Ganesh (Indian god), your favorite deity. Remember and pray in such a way that you get success in meditation,

You have to do 5 rounds of the above mentioned mantra in the morning and evening. At the time of meditation, do meditation with one mind, if you are not able to meditate then you will not get success because this mesmerisam meditation captivates you only with meditation, so you should use meditation before meditation. It should be done, many sadhaks (seekers) do meditation but their attention is somewhere else, while doing meditation they think that I will subjugate him, I will do him, not on this, then you have to stay away from such thoughts while doing meditation.

If you do meditation with full attention then you will get many experiences and your meditation will be successful, for meditation you can choose a secluded room where no one should come, when your mantra chanting is over then you have to sleep in meditation section only. On the last day of meditation do Dashansh Havan (Offering prayers to God in front of fire ) and donate something to poor children, if you do this meditation with full dedication and attention then you will definitely experience something within 37 days,

Method of use

Make milk pudding by mixing the naturally fallen feathers of  flamingo, Kochni flower and white cow’s milk. Then by the above mantra one hundred Give eight sacrifices. At the time of experiment, meditate on the desired man or woman by chanting this mantra one hundred and eight times daily for eleven days. Whatever is meditated upon, it will be under control.

Within 21 days of using this experiment, that person will fall in love with you, whether it is a boy or a girl, he will be attracted towards you and he will obey your every word.

In this way sadhak (seekers) can do mesmerisam work by doing  mesmerisam by  meditation, I have only one request from you that you should not give money to anyone, whatever meditation  you want to learn, you can learn it on our site, you will get every type of meditation.

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