molar pain

In earlier times, there were such tantriks (astrologer) , they used to cause pain to someone by doing black magic, even if the patient tried lacs of remedies for him, but that pain never went away because only spell  works to cut it. Medicine and any other treatment does not work, that’s why we have put molar pain mantra and abdominal pain mantra in this post.

Today we will learn about this method, how to remove molar pain and stomach pain with mantra method.

molar pain


om namo aadesh guru ko tola ki nooro ek baar jahaan baithe baal gvaalaganga, jamuna, sarasvatee jahaan baithe gorakhajatee gautam rakh paravat se huye ka daadh chhattees rog mite oh oh parathee aado raakho baal bhoovara paahee in sat bhakt, shree raamachandr hanumant balee veerapaal paanee bhoorok jaata paraaye seva kee sangat butee bhakt phuro mantr eeshvar vaacha.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

 How to prove this mantra

The above mentioned mantra is completely in dorp language and it is Shabar mantra (simple and powerful), to prove it, chanting 51 rosaries in auspicious constellation or during eclipse period will prove the mantra.

Method of Use

When any patient has to be treated, chant the Mantra of herpes 7 times, blow on the water and give it to drink, within an hour the pain of herpes will be cured.

After the work is done, apply cow’s ghee(melted butter) on the bread and feed it to a black dog.


om namo aadesh guroo gobind mein bapaaye anjan-anjan jaaya kare hanumant shabd makada maakada teenon bhasam meree bhakti guru kee shakti phuro mantr eeshvar vaacha.

How to prove this mantra

By proving this mantra on the night of Diwali (Indian popular festival) or eclipse, 21 rounds of the above mentioned mantra will be proved, sadhak (seekers) can prove the above mentioned mantra even on the day of Narak Chaturdashi (before deewali), during the meditation , incense of Google and Frank incense must be done.

Method of Use

When any patient is having pain in the stomach, then chanting the above mantra 11 times will cure the cold patient.

Here we have told two experiments. molar pain  mantra and mantra to get rid of stomach pain, it works when the patient has had magic  action or black magic, then this method works, otherwise first take the patient to the hospital for treatment, Even after being treated in the hospital, if the patient is not recovering, then only the above mentioned method can be used because only the system can destroy the system.

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