Most powerful Indrajal

The method of Indrajal is like a magic, we can incorporate Indrajal in black magic also, we can also call Indrajal Vidya(it is magic genere), by proving the Most powerful Indrajal  , we can do things like To kill someone, mesmerisam, and attraction,

The knowledge of Indrajal etc. is prevalent in India from time immemorial, earlier magicians used to be proficient in this knowledge, magicians used to do alchemy using Indrajal only, people of Bengal and people of Kamrup (it is famous place of india for magic and black magic) used to be more proficient in this knowledge,

Indrajal is named after Indra (indra is god), people used to come to India from far and wide to learn Indrajal, Ravana also had the knowledge of Indrajal, magicians and alchemists used Indrajal to create many types of magic. Mayong (mayong is danger place of india) is used even today and there are many such strongholds of magic where this knowledge exists and is also taught to the seeker.

In this post, I have put 2 Most powerful Indrajal  mantra and have told the complete to prove it, the seeker can get the knowledge of Indrajal by proving this mantra,

Most powerful Indrajal


Om samara sanor bhasmsuray indrjal karat kaan darshan sidham kuru kuru swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

 How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, start meditation on the new moon day and chant the above mantra 125 times with the rosary of Kali Hakik.(black rosary) .


Om namo har haray namo say siddham kuru kuru swaha!!          

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

If you chant this mantra one hundred and twenty one (121) times every day in the morning for 41 days, then it will be proved.

Sadhak (seekers) can perform magic and alchemy by proving one of the above two Most powerful Indrajal  mantra, whatever meditation we are giving here, we are giving it for public interest, any experiment should be done carefully so that the sadhak (seekers)  himself is benefited. And good luck to others too.

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