Most powerful

Today I have brought  Most powerful  Hanuman (Indian god) protection Mantra in front of you, with this mantra you can kill ghosts, devils, Shakini, Brahma Rakshasa, Bhairav, crematorium,(this energy is negative)  this mantra is self proven and it is Shabar mantra (simple and effective), your fear will end by practicing it. Even if you want to do meditation,  make a security circle with this mantra, no external power will surprise you, if there is an upper obstacle or witchcraft on someone, then you can erase that too in a pinch, that is, you can end it from the root.

So let us know in detail about Most powerful protection Mantra meditation, how to achieve it and how to use it,

Most powerful


“om garjantaan ghorantaan, itanee chhin kahaan lagaee ? sanjh ka vela, laung- suparee-paan-phool-ilaayachee-dhoop-deep-rotalangot-phal-phalaahaar mo pai maangai. anjanee-putr prataap-raksha-kaaran vegi chalo. lohe kee gada keel, chan chan gataka chak keel, baavan bhairo keel, maree keel, masaan keel, pret- brahm-raakshas keel, danav keel, naag keel, saadh barah taap keel, tijaaree keel, chhal keel, chhid keel, daakanee keel, sakanee keel, dusht keel, musht keel, tan keel, kaal bhairo keel, mantr keel, kaamaru desh ke donon daravaaja keel, bavan veer keel, chaunsath joginee keel, marate ka haath keel, dekhate ka nayan keel, bolate ka jihva keel, svarg keel, paataal keel, prthvee keel, taara keel, keel be keel, nahin to anjanee maee kee dohaee phiratee rahe. jo karai vajr kee ghaat, ulate vajr usee pai parai. chhaat phaar ke marai| om khan khan khan jan jan jan van-van-van ran – ran-ran lan-lan-lan tan- tan-tan man-man-man. maha rudraay namah . anjanee-putraay namah. hanumatay namah. vaayu-putray namah. raam dootay namah .

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

          Start meditation from Tuesday, install Hanumanji’s idol or go to Hanumanji’s temple and do this meditation. Take the fruit and then make a rosary of the above mentioned mantra with the rosary of Rudraksha, do this method for 11 days, observe celibacy during the meditation, this Most powerful mantra will be proved by doing this meditation for 11 days,

Method of use

After inviting the nail for the post of your house, knock it on the place of the door of your house, then your house will be protected, if there is any obstacle on someone, be it the shadow of a ghost or evil spirits, then invite the patient to drink water 7 times. Give that patient will be cured immediately, in this way, by using Most powerful protection Mantra, the seeker can do work for public interest and can also protect himself.

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