Many diseases are such that the cure is not available even today, big doctors and science have also failed to cure that disease, we have only one request that if you have such an unusual disease, then first you go to the doctor, if the doctor If you are unable to cure the disease, then you should take the help of Tantra Mantra (magic), I have come to you with a powerful mantra to cure physical illness, by using it you can cure any disease, just keep faith and faith in it. it is necessary

So let’s know in detail about the mantra to remove physical illness,

physical illness


Om bharyanti bharyanti shiromani

Kashyamini sabramanti namah

Bhagya jagrati yashasvi

Kalnirupani bhajyanti

Krun mikharbindam

Sarvamayi sarvamayi jalesti

Purvi nirvah sitam

Jay narmani bhakshyaneyam

Paras nirmagi sevitam

Narmada namami vidhneshwar

Pardarshi vitam

Iti sidham!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


om bhramayaamee jadasvee chetanavah kannav karishyati

pushp dhaarinee bhavah bhavah kaarinee

yatha yag sarvayaamee bhujagendr paaravitam

paadavini pushp aparnaayaam

miroosyaamee miroosyaamee jadasvee yeshasvee

parayaamee parayaamee soory chandr ganapati sumaroo gyaan dev

iti siddham stasvata bhimbarinee

svah svah kaarinee kaarinee

shasht namah dhaaroonee dhaaroonee chetany kasha

jaagrati jaagrati maphalam phalam dev

iti siddham!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

First of all, you have to chant one garland of your presiding deity, then with determination, chant 1-1 of the above two mantras, at the time of chanting, light a pure cow’s ghee (melted butter)  lamp and chant mantras with Rudraksh’s garland, this method will last you continuously for 41 days. If you get relief, then you can proceed with this method, until the disease does not end from the root, keep chanting the mantra.

In this way, by using the mantra to remove physical illness, you can end the extraordinary disease from the root.

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