Powerful laxmi kuber

With the accomplishment of this secret Powerful laxmi kuber mantra(spell), the seeker can see the wealth that is hidden inside the ground, there is wealth at many places, but due to the presence of choki (protection of god) at that place, it becomes impossible to extract that wealth, many times some place And if a treasure or hidden wealth comes in a dream along with a firm place, then only the person who has seen wealth in the dream can extract that wealth.

Today, I have come here with such a secret money gain Powerful laxmi kuber mantra, with the help of which you can easily extract the money hidden in the ground, but you will have to prove the mantra I am giving, without the success of the mantra, you will not be able to do anything. If you prove that mantra with method and law, then you will definitely get success.

Powerful laxmi kuber


Om shring hring klim sarvoshadhi pranate namo vichye swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove the above mentioned mantra, the  seeker will have to do sadhna (meditation) for 45 days with the rules and regulations, start the meditation on the day of Amavasya (new moon) and chant the above mantra 21 times in the morning and evening. It is very important to take it, this meditation is very ancient and rare, it is important to keep it secret because this is a secret sadhna (meditation), if you tell about it to anyone, then your meditation may become ineffective.

During the meditation, light a fragrant incense stick and give the sound of insense, then start the meditation by lighting a four-faced lamp.

During meditation take food only once and follow celibacy strictly, on the last day of meditation feed 7 unmarried girls and donate them according to your ability, by doing this meditation for 45 days this meditation will be proved.

Method of use

Make curd by burning the tongue of a dead crow and churning it well in cow’s milk. Then apply it in the eyes after taking out the aloe and burning it in the lamp or cross its mascara. The person who is born from the side of the feet, apply that mascara in his eyes. This will make the money buried in the earth visible.

This secret money gaining  Powerful laxmi kuber mantra meditation is very ancient and very secretive meditation, when doing its meditation  or experiment, don’t tell about it to anyone, if you tell then you will not get success.

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