Powerful laxmi mantra

This Powerful laxmi mantra (Mantras are just like words, but the saints of India have made them together and there is power in this word and we can do all the work with this mantra.) is of Maha Lakshmi (goddess of wealth), this power is also called Kamala, mostly Lakshmi Devi’s meditation is done to gain wealth and sudden wealth, the mantra that I have brought here is a very ancient mantra and Shabar mantra (ancient era), You can see the effect of this mantra yourself, our aim is to re-issue the mantra in the public interest, which are disappearing in today’s time, so that everyone can get the benefit of this method.

Worship Vishnuji (Indian powerful god) along with Maa Lakshmi during meditation (exercitation), by worshiping Vishnuji the mantra will be accomplished immediately and you can get its result immediately.

So let’s know in detail how to accomplish this  Powerful  laxmi mantra to get sudden wealth and what is its procedure, let’s discuss in detail about it,

Powerful laxmi mantra


Maha lakshmi jee ka ang mila vishnu jee ke sang sat baar mahalakshmee ko karo yad vishnu jee ke sath mahalakshmee vishnu jee ke aaee sang le dhan ghar aaee nar nariyon ne geet gaye dhun mahalakshmee kee lagaee dhan ka bhare bhandar yah vedon mein batalaee mahalakshmee ka karo satakar dharm kee reet batalaee.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, no change should be made in its wording.)

How to prove this mantra

Make 7 candle light from cow dung by leaping on the earth and install the candle light. a candle light on all the seven and keep a coconut in the middle and light a water lamp and an oil lamp. This worship has to be done in the morning on Saturday. delivered flowers and fruits, keep all this in worship and recite this mantra 108 times. You have to appeal with rice on every mantra, later collect this rice and feed it to the birds.

In this way, you can accomplish this Powerful laxmi mantra to get sudden wealth. By accomplishing this mantra, there will be no wastage of money and the problem of money will end.

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