rarest meditation

Today I will teach you subjugate, on our site you will find many uses of subjugate, you can also do this rarest meditation, everyone can do this meditation, be it a girl or a boy, this mantra is Hanumaji’s (hanumanji is an Indian powerful god)  mantra and many more It is a powerful mantra, you can also use this mantra to fascinate the gathering.

So let’s know in detail how to do subjugate by rarest meditation and what is its method, let’s discuss about it in detail,

rarest meditation


hanuman jee kee shakti kee aan teeka vasheekaran ho ban jay kaam bhagat kare hanuman jee kee bhagati mile shakti teeka ka ho jaay vasheekaran hanuman jee ka sat ho raam jee shakti maane jagat kare nar bhagati teeka vasheekaran kare kutumbh pakti jay jay hanuman jee kahen bhagat ke vash mein na ho ya sat karm kare jo bhagat teeka vasheekaran ho jaay jay jay hanuman jee iti siddham!!

(This is the rarest meditation mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

method of proving the mantra

Take gorochan, kumkum (it is Indian material and use for this method) and red sandalwood, (this is Indian god worship material) then mix it and put it in a box, then go to Hanumaji’s temple with a coconut and a red nappy. Keep that box in front of you, do 3 rosaries of the above-mentioned subjugate mantra with red sandalwood beads and come home with that box, you have to do this till 21  Tuesday and also fast on Tuesdays, observe celibacy. It is necessary to do, if you do not follow celibacy, then you will not get Mantra Siddhi,(proven mantra)

Method of Use

When the mantra is achieved, then make a hinge of that box which has gorochan, red sandalwood and kumkum and invite it by reciting the above mentioned mantra 51 times, then go in front of the desired person by keeping the hinge, that person will fall in love with you on seeing the hinge.

In this way, by doing subjugate, you can make your love favorable to you, you can subjugate the desired person.

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