Shiva bewitchment Mantra

If we talk about the biggest power in Tantra  (cracy or magic), then it is Shiva,(Indian god every power bows before him, there is no work that cannot be done by Mahadev, Shiva is also the originator of Shabar Mantra, there is no power greater than Shiva, Aghori, especially  Shiva does meditation. Hey and remain engrossed in Shiva, today I will tell you about the great and powerful Shiva bewitchment mantra, if you prove this mantra with the rules and regulations, then no one can stop you from doing bewitchment, the mantra I am giving here  is the ancient mantra of Shiva and with this mantra you can do every Shat Karma.(do every black magic work)

So let’s know in detail how Shiva bewitchment  mantra is proved and how it is used, let’s discuss in detail about it,

Shiva bewitchment Mantra


om namo aadesh guru ko, yatinath arbudachal parvat par rahene vale. purab se aavo pachchhim se aavo uttar se aavo dakshin se aavo. aavo baba yatinath mera karaj siddh karo, duhaee..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Rudraksh’s garland, google frank incense incense (google incense is special incense for Indian god), copper pot, a wooden board, red cloth, fragrant incense sticks.


meditation will start on Monday, take bath on Monday, get clean and sit in meditation section at 10 pm. This meditation can also be done in a secluded room, face towards east. Spread a red cloth, place a statue/picture of Lord Shiva on it, place a copper vessel near the pot, fill it with pure water, burn fragrant incense sticks and Google frankincense, make a garland of your family deity and take water in your hand. Resolve your work, then do 5 garlands of bewitchment mantra, this ritual is for 41 days, after completing the mantra chanting, sleep on the same place.

Follow celibacy during meditation and feed the unmarried girl, as soon as this meditation is completed, the person whom you have resolved to subdue will fall in love with you within 21 days, never use this mantra for bad work. Do not do,

This Shiva bewitchment mantra is so powerful and intense that it never misses its target and it is impossible to cut it. You can use this mantra to get your lost love back, just keep in mind that do not use it wrongly.

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