This mantra spell to win gambling is for those who gamble with the truth, they donate the money they win to the poor, they share in someone’s sorrow, for them this mantra proves to be a panacea for those who win gambling, with the success of this mantra, you can win betting and lotteries too. You can win but you always have to walk on the path of  truth, you will find many mantras for gambling but no one will tell you the complete method, my challenge to all of you sadhak (seeker)  friends is to open the whole Google and the whole world’s website and search for mantras. Do meditation, meditation will never be successful because those people only take information from wherever and put it on their site, so you will get failure, they don’t put complete method, that’s why you will get failure, and secondly, take any of our mantra (spell), you will get 100% success. Because whatever we put here, we put it with the grace of Guru (preceptor) and we put it with the fire of preceptor, so if you follow our method, you will definitely get success.

So let’s know in detail how to prove the spell to win gambling and what are its rules and regulations, let’s discuss it in detail.

spell to win gambling


paandavon ne khela jua kauravon kee jeet huee dharm kee haar huee jab dharm kee haar huee krshn jee kee jeet huee jo haare jag mein jeet usee kee hoy naam le hari ka saty ka beej boy naam le shree krshn ka jeet dharm kee joy jo jua khele dharm ka haar kabhee na hoy jay jay krshn dev namah!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

 How to prove this mantra

This mantra is accomplished in 45 days. Mantra chanting will be done with the rosary of Rudraksh, lighting a jasmine oil lamp, sit facing the north direction and do 1 rosary of the above gambling mantra, you have to complete the mantra chanting in one sitting. If you do meditation (practice) for  45 days with full devotion and faith then this mantra will be proved, this mantra is Shabar mantra (simple and effective mantra) it just needs to be awakened,

This spell to win gambling  mantra will be chanted by a person who will gamble on the truth and who will think about this mantra all the time, he will always win in gambling.

In this way you can win gambling by proving the spell to win gambling mantra.


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