Subjugation by sweets

You can do Subjugation by sweets experiment by sweets when that person is close to you or your wife, then you can easily feed him by inviting sweets to suit you, it is not easy for an outsider to do this experiment because he needs sweets. feeding can be very difficult,

This subjugation is mostly used to make the wife friendly and the wife can also use this to subdue her husband, whom you love a lot and if they do not listen to you, then you can force them on any pretext. You can attract towards yourself by feeding sweets,

So let’s know in detail in this post that how Subjugation is done by sweets and what needs to be done to prove this Subjugation by sweets mantra.

Subjugation by sweets


om namo bhagavate madan moh maye panch bhoot mohinee.

chaturvidh jeev galanu mohisu mohisu.

tanno no udaken turit vyatalinkana kaalukai.

pyaade kal bahudivodi bahut yuddh vidare.

maha maayaane kaal bhairav-gane brahma-vishnu-maheshvarane shreeraam eetanaane.

kleen mohinee mohisu mohisu.

nigege ninnaane mohisu om guru prasaadan.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

The Subjugation by sweets mantra with the above mentioned sweets is a very ancient and rare mantra, it is a very powerful mantra, you do not have to change any of the words that come in this mantra, to prove the above mentioned mantra, you will have to practice for 11 days, Start the meditation from Sunday, do 3 rounds of the above mantra in the morning and 3 rounds in the evening with the rosary of black garland.

Follow celibacy during meditation and stay away from alcohol and meat, this mantra will be awakened by doing meditation for 11 days.

Method of Use

When you want to attract any person towards you or subjugate him, invite him by chanting 108 mantras on sweets and feed him sweets on any pretext, that person will fall in love with you.

In this way, a seeker can do his work by Subjugation by sweets with sweets, but one specialty of this Subjugation is that you can use it only 2 times in a year, if you use it more then your success will be destroyed.

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