Tricks of black magic

This Chudel (ghost) meditation is so dangerous that it is not in everyone’s capacity to prove it, only those who have strong meditation or proven can do this meditation (prove this method) because this Tricks  of black magic Mantra works very fast,

Tricks  of black magic is mostly done by those people who already have some or the other Siddhi(black magic or any spell proven) and for those who are new to cracy or balck magic,it is very difficult to do this meditation, if you do this meditation under the guidance of a Tantrik(astrologer), Aghori or god father (astrologer) , then this (astrologer) is easy. will happen,

The seeker who is new and does not have a god father can also do this (astrologer) but will have to follow the path given by me, it is very important for a new seeker to take care of some rules and regulations, who does not have a god father and is alone. If you want to do  , then you have to first take permission from your favorite god, if your favorite god gives you permission, then you can easily do this (meditation of prove this mantra).

After taking the permission of your Ishta Dev (seekers god), then worship Mahadev(shiv) and worship Ganesha,( If a foreigner wants to do spiritual practice, he must take the permission of his God.) then make sure to make a security cordon so that no external force disturbs the meditation.

So, today in this post, we will know in detail how to do Tricks  of black magic and how to achieve its success.

Tricks of black magic


Nar mundo ki rani chauraho se chal ke aaja apna bhog leja swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Liquor bottle, widow’s hair, potter’s house soil, goat’s liver, 5 betel nuts, cardamom, firecrackers, one camphor leaf, frankincense incense, mustard oil (for lighting the lamp)

How to prove mantra

Tricks  of black magic Mantra This is a one day sadhna(one day meditation) if you do this meditation on the day of Narak Chaturdashi i.e. Kali Chaudas (before diwali then you will get 100% success, you can do this meditation in a cremation ground, on the bank of a river or in any ruins but you have to do this meditation in a cremation ground to do on land,

Keeping all the materials with you, sit facing the south direction, make a security circle, worship Ganesh (Indian god) and make a garland of your favorite god and pray to the crematorium Kali (Indian god)  for success in this meditation, then light a mustard oil lamp. Do this and make an effigy of clay, put the hair of a widow on that effigy, decorate it with the material of adornment, then chant 1008 of the above mentioned mantra with a rosary of black or rudraksh, you will have many experiences during the meditation. Will give but keep chanting without fear and don’t break the meditation in between,

In the middle of meditation, if a witch appears to you or appears in the form of a shadow, then you have to give meat and a bottle of liquor as bhog (food) and then you have to bind yourself in a promise.

When you return home after completing the Tricks  of black magic (meditation of spell), don’t look back and after coming home, first take a bath and offer a coconut as Prasad (dainty) to your favorite deity. This happens but you have to use Mata Chudel (ghost)  for public welfare.

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