By worshiping Lord Vishnu(Vishnu is Indian god) , the problem of wealth also ends in your home, because by worshiping Vishnu, Mother Lakshmi is also pleased, by chanting Vishnu mantra everyday, troubles are destroyed from the house, peace is established in the house. Vishnu Mantra meditation should be done to get wealth and glory,

So let’s understand in detail how Vishnu Mantra meditation is done and what are its rules and regulations, let’s discuss it in detail,

Vishnu Mantra


vishnu jee ka chala chakr adharm kee haar huee santon kee jeet huee paapiyon kee haar huee vishnu ka avataar banakar krshn jee satakaar huee jab jab dharatee par paap badha jab jab vishnu avataar hue praaniyon ke rakshak vishnu jee ke avataar hue shree krshn jee ke naam se jag mein solah kala avataar hue nar naaree ke rakshak banakar bhagavaan vishnu avataar hue sheshanaag par baith kar karen savaaree vishnu jee baithe sang mein baithee lakshmee pyaaree vishnu yantr chakr samaan jo maane usake ho jaay bigade kaam!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

According to the scriptures, this mantra is very powerful and fruitful, Lord Vishnu is able to remove all the pain, start the above mentioned Vishnu mantra meditation on Thursday, take a bajoth (wooden board ) and spread a red cloth on it. Install the statue of  Lord Vishnu, you can offer simple food  to Vishnuji and do one garland twice a day with a rosary of Rudraksh. You have to do this method for 41 days, observe celibacy during meditation and Brahmin according to your strength. Or visit an unmarried girl, i.e. donate something, within 41 days you can see the effect of this mantra yourself, you may have many experiences during meditation , but keep on doing meditation  without any fear.

Sadhak (seeker) can also chant these mantras which I have given below.

Om Vasudevaya Namah:!

Om Sankarshanaya Namah:!

Om Pradyumnaya Namah:!

Om : Aniruddhaya Namah!

Om Narayana Namah!

You can do the above mantra everyday one round of rosary,

Lord Vishnu’s mantra to remove lack of money

Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino, Ma Dabhram Bhurya Bhar. Bhuri Ghedindra Ditasi.

Om Bhurida Tyasi Shrut: Purutra Shur Vritrahan. Aa no Bhajaswa Radhasi.

This mantra is very powerful, if you want to remove the problem of money in the house, then you can remove the problem of money by chanting this mantra everyday.

By chanting Vishnu Mantra, you can get the grace of Vishnuji and get his blessings, Rushi Muni (great person) has been worshiping and worshiping Lord Vishnu since time immemorial and receiving his blessings,

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