Many uses of mesmerism will be found and mesmerism is done with many methods and experiments, but today I will tell you in detail about what is Lampblack mesmerism and how it is used, the specialty of this mesmerism is that the person in front There is no need to feed anything, you can hypnotize just by looking, to prove this mesmerism mantra, you will have to do spiritual practice (meditation), only then you can get success,

This mesmerism is so powerful that you can mesmerism just by sight, you will not find this mantra anywhere because this mantra is a very ancient mantra, everyone can use this mantra, be it a boy or a girl,

What is Lampblack mesmerism, today I will explain you methodically so that you can easily accomplish this mantra.

What is Lampblack mesmerism


dhoop mein bana kaajal soory ka tej lekar chubha jaakar aankhon mein kaajal banakar sooryadev ne kaajal ko kiya vasheekaran kiranon kee dhuree banakar kaajal ka rang ho gaya kaala dhoop lagakar kaajal ka rang kaala hua siddh banakar kaajal ko kiya vasheekaran sooryadev ne dhoop banakar jay jay sooryadev iti siddham!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, meditation  has to be done for 41 days. You can start meditation  from Tuesday or Sunday, chant mantra with rudraksha rosary, sit facing north direction, light a lamp in front of you and keep a Lampblack box. Keep the room where you are doing meditation  clean and sprinkle Gangajal (ganga is holy river of india), this mantra Shabar mantra is self proven mantra, you can do one rosary every morning and evening.

Don’t consume meat and alcohol during meditation and follow celibacy with body and mind,

By doing meditation  for 41 days the mantra will become perfect.

Method of Use

When you want to mesmerism someone, whether that person is a boy or a girl, after reciting the mantra 21 times on the mascara, blow on it and apply that Lampblack in the eye, then go in front of that person, that person will be arrested in your love, when you use it Do it, then you have to meet that person within  24 hours, then this experiment will work.

You must have come to know what is Lampblack mesmerism and how it works.

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