wife and husband

There is often a fight between the wife and husband, but sometimes these quarrels can take a dangerous form, due to some wrong family or some problem, there are frequent quarrels between the two, to put an end to such a problem, we have something for you. Have brought powerful tricks, using which you can get rid of that problem,

We will discuss in detail how to end the quarrel between wife and husband.

wife and husband


Satanja taking off seven grains from her husband Feed the cow and the bull seven times every day for a quarter of a month, mix five leaves in the Ganges, apply oil on your forehead and soak your forehead in the water of the Ganges and make a resolution while soaking your consciousness.

Think inside that our family should live in peace, there should be no problems. Peace will be established.

living in conflict with the woman


The woman with whom there is a quarrel in the house, that woman Touch your mother-in-law’s feet for eleven days and bathe her with your own hands and feed her, but first make a resolution that my resolution is fulfilled and the troubles in my house end, if the mother-in-law does not If you can, do this method on the cow, by doing this method, the troubles will be solved.

fight between men and women


bring the spinning wheel to the house and take the raw yarn If there is a quarrel between them and the husband wants to love the wife, then make 108 rounds of the sleeping husband or wife with a raw thread and wrap that thread on the spinning wheel and then float that thread in the moving river, for this the husband- For the wife the wife can do for the husband.

in this way, by using our given tricks, you can remove the conflicts between wife and husband.

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