It can be very difficult to know the number of Satta, but there are many proven meditation, with the help of which you can know the SATTA KING or its number by proving it.

The technique of knowing the number of betting is such a science, if you use it wrongly, then this meditation will be unsuccessful. You can use it only 3 times in a year, if it is used more than this, then the meditation will be unsuccessful because any goddess power is within its limit.

Our aim is to give accurate information to everyone, we do not propagate falsehood, we only share what is right among us.

So let us know in detail how to prove this mantra and how to use it.



om namo aadesh guru ka kaal kalatee kaal bhairav ka,bada bada masan ujjad kheda ka hanuman, jab bolavoo tab aavo hanuman teen minit teen pal isee ghadee isee vakt,is sikke mein se satte ke nambar dikhav,agar na dikhavo to mata anjanee kee aan he aur mahakalee kee duhaee, meree bhakti guru kee shakti…!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove the above mentioned SATTA KING mantra, meditation should be started on new moon day, this meditation is for 11 days, when you go to do meditation, then go to the temple with 3 rose flowers and also take a coconut with you, then do the above with red sandalwood garland. 5 rounds of mantra,

Before worship, light a mustard oil lamp and put one flower on the feet of Hanumanji (Indian powerful god) and put the other flower on the head of the three roses and after completing the worship, bring the remaining flower to your home, like this By doing meditation for 11 days, the above mentioned mantra will be proved, (after attaining success, when there is an eclipse period or Narak Chaturdashi,(before diwali)  then by chanting 21 rounds of the above mentioned mantra, awaken the mantra so that the power of the mantra remains awakened.

Method of Use

When you want to use it, take a coin and place acacia leaves on both sides of the coin, i.e. the coin should be completely covered, then chant the above mantra 51 times and pray to Hanumanji, who had placed acacia leaves on top of the coin. If a piece of camphor is lit on it, then the seeker will see the Siddha (perfect number) number on that coin.

SATTA KING i.e. after the meditation of knowing the number of the bet is proven, do not discuss this meditation with anyone because this meditation is a secret meditation and must observe celibacy during the meditation.

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