Ganesha (Indian god) hypnosis  method  and  This  practice is like attraction trap but it also works for hypnosis , attraction means to fascinate someone and hypnosis  means to subdue someone. In this post, we will know in detail about ganesha hypnosis  practice.

Lord Ganesha also has many forms but this practice is  tamasik (black magic) practice and this practice  can be included in tamasik  (black magic) practice because this mantra and practice  is very intense and this mantra of Ganesha resides in the cremation ground.

After this practice is proven, the person on whom it will be used becomes subjugated because this mantra never misses its target, we can also call this practice Ganesh attraction mantra.

ganesha hypnosis


om ganapati veer vase masan, jo mein mangoo so too aan. panch laddoo ya sir sindoor tri bhuvan mange champe ke phool. asht kulee naag moha jo nadee bahatar kotha mohu. indr kee baithee sabha mohu aavatee jaavatee stree mohu. jata jata purush mohu, dava ang vase narasinh jeevane kshetrapala ye. aave maar karanata so javee hamare paav padanta. gurukee shakti hamaree bhakti chalo mantr aadesh guruka..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Some sweet, a black cloth, frankincense incense, Mohini incense,(it is special incense for attraction) Rudraksh garland, fragrant perfume, earthen lamp, mustard oil and 5 red flowers.

How to prove this mantra

practice will start from Tuesday, after taking bath on Tuesday, go to the cremation ground at 12 midnight, sit facing north direction, make a security circle, tie a black cloth on the head, you can take any posture, perfume Sprinkle it, light a lamp of mustard oil, incense of frank incense, keep 5 flowers and offer A type of sweet to Ganesha, then do a garland of godfather Mantra,(if you have godfather mantra) if there is no godfather, then do a garland of your family deity. After that do a garland of Bholenath.(bholenath is Indian god)

Whomever you want to control, whether it is a boy or a girl, his photo, if there is no photo, then put a piece of his cloth in front of you, then do 11 rosaries of ganesha hypnosis  mantra, it is the practice of the cremation ground, that’s why you will hear strange faces, strange voices, but be afraid. This ritual is for 5 days without doing your practice, every day there will be only one ritual, if there is no photo of that girl or boy on the last day of practice, then put a piece of her cloth inside Mohini Dhoop and pray to Ganesha that this person Bring me under your control, within 41 days after the completion of the practice, that boy or girl will fall madly in love with you and will yearn to meet you.

Mostly such practice is done under the supervision of godfather only because if any mistake is made then only godfather can remove it, so if possible then complete this practice under the supervision of godfather and whoever has any practice or any achievement then he Can do even without a teacher.

It is mandatory to observe celibacy during Ganesha hypnosis practice and if possible, do not tell lies and after completion of the practice, feed 5 unmarried girls, chant 21 rounds of mantra on eclipse period and any auspicious day so that the mantra remains awake.

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