dangerious attraction

Today, I will give you such a dangerious attraction meditation, it is very dangerous and at the same time it is able to fascinate the gathering, this is a very old meditation, in this mantra, the cry of Lona Chamari (dangerious god)   and the cry of Gora Parvati is heard, which If there is chanting of lona chamari inside the mantra, then understand that mantra will never go empty, this attraction mantra is mostly practiced by Aghori(danger Indian astrologer) people. Do not do this meditation because it takes at least 41 days or three and a quarter months to prove it.

Aghori’s (danger Indian astrologer) attraction mantra meditation  is so powerful that once it is achieved, it works 100% but you have to prove it, now a days people are misled everywhere, some say that attraction will happen in one night, some say that I will do it in 3 hours, then someone says that I will subjugate you in 24 hours, all this is a lie, only to cheat money, they speak like this, but they do not work, so I request you not to get trapped in the illusion of such a false tantric (astrologer), If you want to learn attraction, then follow our given method, you will definitely get success, I request you to meditation this mantra for at least three and a half months, 100% you will know what is attraction, you yourself will agree that the real I have subjugation,

So let us know in detail how the dangerious attraction mantra of Aghori is proved and how it is used, we will discuss it in detail.

dangerious attraction


om namah mahamaay kaamakhya mohinee chala. gair ke mastak dhara tel ka deepak jala. sabake dil mein teer chala , jal mohu , thal mohu mohu saara jagat. mohinee ranee ja shaiya pe la , na lave to gora paarvateekee duhaay. lona chamareen kee duhay , nahin to veer hanuman kee aan..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


A  wooden board, a garland of black rosary, an earthen lamp, 1.25 meter red cloth, cow’s ghee (melted butter) and fragrant incense sticks.

How to prove this mantra

meditation  will start from Friday, facing north direction, before taking bath, after getting clean, sprinkle fragrant perfume in the whole room. You can make a security circle after taking the seat, then make a garland of your Kuldev (seekers god) and a garland of Ganeshji.(ganeshji is Indian god) At the time of meditation, light a lamp of ghee(melted butter) and burn fragrant incense.

Do 11 rounds of the above mantra while meditating on whomever you want to attract. As soon as the meditation  is over, offer sweets and red flowers as offering  to Maa Kamakhya(kamakhya is god of magic). After completion of meditation  you have to sleep there, on the last day of meditation  you should give food to Brahmin and give red nappy as alms-deed and tell your mind to Maa Kamakhya (Indian god) within 41 days of completion of meditation  that boy or girl will be on your side. Will be attracted

In this way you can get your love by using dangerious attraction Mantra of Aghori (astrologer) and fulfill your wish.

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