attraction experiment

This attraction experiment is of Lord Bholenath only, in ancient times Bholenath (Indian god also called him shiva) was known as Adipurush, the mantra method we have told in this post is of Adipurush Shiva only, if your love is justified then Lord Shiva will surely  do your work.

If you follow the method we tell, you will definitely get success, but keep in mind that never use it wrongly, otherwise your achievement will be destroyed, on the contrary, you will be harmed.

attraction experiment


Om namo aadipurushay amuk me vasyam kuru kuru swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Rudraksh or black rosary, half meter black cloth, Mohini Dhoop,(it is incense of attraction) earthen lamp, pure cow’s ghee,(melted butter)  fragrant incense sticks, , red echo powder, cremation ashes, and 5 cloves with flowers.

How to prove this mantra

     meditation  will start on Sunday, on Sunday at 11.00 pm, this meditation  has to be done in a secluded room after being clean and bathed, sanctify the room with Gangajal (ganga is holy river of india)  or rose perfume, on the first day of meditation  i.e. Saturday, go to the cremation ground Bring the ashes of the funeral pyre, keep all the ingredients ready before the meditation, sit facing the north direction, make a security circle, then light a lamp, burn fragrant incense sticks, burn Mohini incense sticks, worship Ganesha (Indian god) with one of your family deities. Garland

Then spread a black cloth in front of you, place 5 flowered cloves in the middle of the cloth, sprinkle red echo powder and ashes of the cremation ground on that clove, then recite shiv attraction mantra for 41 times, instead of so and so in the mantra. But whoever you want to subdue, whether it is a boy or a girl, take his full name, after chanting the mantra, blow on the clove and go to sleep in the meditation section(room), keep all the ingredients there, this ritual is for 11 days, every day there will be only one ritual. .

On the last day of meditation, make powder of all the ingredients and keep it in a box. Sprinkle a little powder on the person for whom you had done this experiment. This is a very intense and dangerous attraction experiment . That person inside, whether it is a boy or a girl, will be subjugated in your love.

This attraction experiment is very powerful, once it has worked, it is difficult to cut it, even after the work is done, you can do a garland of the above mentioned mantra.

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