hypnosis mantra

Whenever it comes to subjugation, then we have definitely mentioned kamakhya (Indian powerful god) hypnosis   because the effect of Kamakhya subjugation is different, since ancient times subjugation is being done by the mantra of mother and many times we have also used this hypnosis mantra. This is our empirical mantra.

This hypnosis mantra is very powerful because it has 64 Jogni, 52 Veer and 56 Kalwa (this all is powerful god of india) walking with Mata and Lona Chamari’s duhai mantra which shows her strength, Aghori and Tantrik (astrologer) have been using this mantra since ancient times.

This hypnosis mantra is also used in today’s time and it is also called Kamakhya hypnosis which returns the lost love, has the ability to control men and women, the seeker can achieve his love by doing this meditation.

hypnosis mantra


kamaru desh kee kamaakhya maee, jab bulaee tab aaee. narasih veer ko sang le aaee, aur kaun kaun sang laay. 64 joganee, 52 veer, 56 kalava laay, jaha bhejoo taha jaay. amuk mere vashame keeje, duhay lona chamaree kee. duhay gaura parvatee kee, shabd sachcha, pind kachcha, phuro mantr eeshvaro vacha..

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


A wooden board, red cloth 1.25 meters long, Google’s incense(it is special incense of india) scented incense sticks, 5 red flowers, coconut and sweets.

How to prove this mantra

meditation will start from Friday, face will be towards north direction, red clothes and posture will remain red. After bathing and being clean, sprinkle perfume in a lonely room on Friday night at 10 o’clock, the room should be such that no one should come and go, facing north direction. Sit down, make a security circle so that the fierce power doesn’t surprise you.

Then worship Ganesha, make a garland of your family deity, install the statue of Mata Kamakhya in front of the door, offer 5 red flowers and coconut, pray for success in meditation, then do 21 rounds of kamakhya hypnosis  mantra. It is a mantra, this mantra is very powerful and effective, where a certain word comes in the mantra, the full name of the boy or girl should be spoken, inside this mantra Kalwa, 52 Veer, 64 Jogni walk with Mata Kamakhya and it is infallible. This meditation  is for 11 days, every day the method will remain the same, within 21 days after the completion of the meditation that boy or girl will fall madly in love with you (don’t use this mantra in unethical work).

After Kamakhya hypnosis mantra meditation  is proved, it must be proved once in a year during the eclipse period or on the day of Narak Chaturdashi  (before diwali), so that the mantra remains awake.

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