dangerous vashikaran

As soon as the name of Agia Betal(agia betal Indian god and he is very powerful) comes, everyone gets goose bumps because this power works at a very fast pace, no work is difficult for this power, once you get its accomplishment, no one can scare you and cannot beat you., today I am going to give you the method of Agia Betal dangerous vashikaran, this mesmerism is not a minor one, if it gets into motion then it is impossible to cut it, in this time there are only a few people who know or have proven Agia Betal mesmerism,

This dangerous vashikaran mantra is not a simple mantra, with this you can do any work, with this mesmerism you can destroy the life of the person in front of you, that person will see only you and will not see anything except you, so let’s know in detail We will discuss in detail about Betal mesmerism, how to prove it and how it is used,

dangerous vashikaran


Om aagiya betal virvar betal mahabetal iha gatch ihtishth agnimukh agnibakshi agnivasi mahavikral fat swaha!!

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Frank incense, scented incense sticks, rosary of  Rudraksh, any sweet.

How to prove this mantra

meditation can be done from Sunday or Tuesday, facing south direction, choose any deserted place or cremation ground after bathing and being clean, go at 11 o’clock in the night, wear black clothes, if possible wear only black panny,a garment worn by male Hindus, consisting of a piece of material tied around the waist and extending to cover most of the legs.)

facing south direction. After sitting on the side, make a security circle, the seat will remain black, light fragrant incense sticks and frank incense, do one garland of your family deity, one garland of Ganesha(Indian god), then do 21 rounds of the above mentioned mantra.

This is a very dangerous vashikaran , in the middle of the meditation you will hear different types of voices and men with strange faces will also be seen, but don’t leave the meditation in the middle and run away, if you are very scared then give sweets in food , this meditation is for 11 days. Veer Agia Betal will appear in the middle of the meditation and will say why have you called me, so without fear, bind him in a promise, Veer Betal is like a jinnat, show him the photo of a boy or a girl and say that this girl or Put the boy under my control, within 21 days whether it is a boy or a girl, he will fall in love with you.

In this way, by using Agia Betal dangerous vashikaran , the seeker can bring the desired person under his control and make him friendly.

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