success in every work

Your work is not being done or is getting spoiled, sometimes it happens that even after doing a lot of hard work, the work is not successful, then in such a situation you should chant the mantra given by us, I have a proven mantra for you and I have come with a proven meditation  which can be done by Muslim brother and Hindu brother also, this mantra and meditation  is for the accomplishment of every work, by this you can get success in every work.

So let us know in detail how to prove this mantra of accomplishment and how to use this meditation,we discuss in detail about it,

success in every work


svayah siddh sab kaaj naath mohi aadaru diyu. as bichaari juvaraaj tan pulakit harashit hiyu. vah sobha samaaj sukh kahat na bani khagesh . baranahin saarad sesh shruti so ras jaan mahes . suni dev sacharachar svamee pranatapal ur antarajamee . mor manorath janahu neeke. basahu sada ur pur sabahee ke .

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


1100 times of this mantra on the rosary of Rudraksh daily Chant for 40 days. Perform Dashansh Havan  (Offering prayers to God in front of fire) etc. and then get the story of Satyanarayan done, then all the works of the seeker are accomplished by the grace of God.

Best mantra

proven practice

Allah hoo hoo hoo!

Allah hoo hoo hoo!

Allah hu hu hu!

How to prove this mantra

If a person wants all his wishes If complete, then he should read this meditation  continuously  till 5 Thursdays and follow the rules until the meditation  is over. Don’t miss a day in between otherwise everything will be in vain.

This mantra and action is very powerful, by using this all your stalled work will be done, if there is any hindrance in marriage or any court work is getting delayed, then you must use this mantra.

In this way, you can use this powerful mantra and meditation  for accomplishment of success in every work.

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