girls mesmerism

Today many people are running after mesmerism and many tantriks (astrologer) and swindlers are also robbing people, by saying that they will do girls mesmerism in 3 hours or they say that they will do mesmerism in 24 hours, what is spell? They don’t know how the system works, they don’t know that’s why they easily get trapped in the trap of cheating,

mesmerism is not an easy action and not everyone can do that action, only those people who have proved attraction or mesmerism in reality, can do the work of mesmerism, mesmerism also has some special policy rules, staying within the scope of its policy rules, this action is performed,

The person on whom mesmerism  is to be done should be around you, should be in your identity, should meet each other, even if you meet on the road and do not invite you, but that person must be around you, there are some policy rules of mesmerism, if the person who But if you want to mesmerism and that person stays away from you and does not even know you, then mesmerism will not work, previously you had a good relationship with that person and he has turned away from you after getting angry, then in such a situation, why should he cross seven seas. mesmerism has an effect on him who has not gone away because earlier he was close to you, that’s why it has an effect.

Sometimes it happens that a person wants someone but that person has never met him or does not live near him, does not meet even on the other way, then in such a situation mesmerism cannot work. Anything that has been invoked above will have to be put on it, then that mesmerism will give you only 25% result.

So, today I will tell you in detail about girls mesmerism Shabar Mantra (simple and powerful), how it is proven and how it is used, we will discuss in detail about it.

girls mesmerism


gele ke rastan moy, kurve kee paniyaree moy. hata baithaya baniyaan moy, ghar baithee baniyanee moy, raja kee rajavad moy, mahalan baithee ranee moy. dakanee ko, sakanee ko, bhootanee ko, paleetanee ko, oparee ko, paraee ko, laag koo, dhoom koo, dhakama koo. aleeya ko, paleeya ko, chaud ko, chaugat ko, kacha ko, kalava ko, bhoot ko, paleet ko, jinn ko, rakshas ko, bairiyan se baree kar de. najaran jad de tala amuk ko vash mein kare, duhaee guru gorakhanath kee.

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)

How to prove this mantra

To prove this mantra, start the meditation on the day of Holi, Diwali(it is Indian festival), do this meditation for 21 days, chant the above mentioned mantra with the rosary of black rosary or rudraksh, do 3 rosaries of the above mantra daily, four faced Light the lamp and make the siren incense, you will get the siren incense from any incense lamp shop,

Before worshiping Ganesha,(Indian god) do one rosary of your favorite deity, then start meditation by taking a resolution, observe celibacy for 21 days and eat only once, after completing meditation i.e. chanting mantra, take a bread  and apply melted butter  on it. Feed a black dog and do this action till 21, if you do meditation with full faith and devotion, you will definitely get success.

Method of Use

Make (or get someone to make) a cotton doll with a sharp face and put two unbroken cloves in place of its breasts. yellow nose Paste the zircon. After this, chant three rounds of the above mentioned mantra. Speak the name of the desired woman or man in place of Amuk (girl’s name instead of a amuk word ) in the mantra. By doing this experiment for thirty one days, whose name will be spoken in the mantra, he will become attraction.

This meditation is definitely long but it is 100% effective, the meditation which works in reality, we bring that meditation in front of you, we do not waste your time by talking big things  like others, if  you do this meditation with full method. You will get success 101%,

After getting the success of this attraction mantra, do prove this mantra once a year on any auspicious occasion by doing 5 rounds of the above girls mesmerism mantra so that the power of the mantra remains awake.

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